Looking at the moving digital paintings of artist George Redhawk is a mind-bending experience on its own, he has taken photos created by different artists and brought them to life! The moving gifs swirl and spiral with an incredible energy all on their own, turning into seemingly breathing and living organisms. The movement created in the photos not only transforms the sculpture itself, but also the mood and the meaning as well. Here are a select few that are bound to make you feel mesmerized and inspired!

stunning perfectly looped gifs created blind artist

It's especially impressive because he's legally blind and that's why his collection is named "The World Through My Eyes", Redhawk sees his work as a way to recreate the “mental confusion” he feels when registering visual cues. With the help of computer software, he creates eerie animations that feature a wide range of themes and aesthetics, also, he wants to encourage disabled people to pursue their passions and hopes his art can serve as inspiration for them, reminding the world that there's a beautiful vision in all of us.

mind bending paintings that move

New sensation emerges from each and one of these photos as they flow and pulsate with a new life and motion right in front of our eyes. Just when you think you’ve seen the best, the next is better. In the past, we featured some mesmerising moving photos called cinemagraphs, but George really step up the game with his art. As you look at them and marvel at the details and really sense the emotion they seem to exude, they become more magical and surreal, and in some cases, a bit unnerving.

artist brings sculptures life mesmerizing moving gifs

Sometimes, the fabric of the sculpture itself transforms and morphs back and forth between materials and patterns. What is so impressive about this series is how seamless the editing seems to be. Even more interesting and unique is what part of the model is moving in each photograph. These images will blow your mind.

blind gif artist visualizes his lost sight

mezmerising gif moving

blind artist mesmerizing gifs

trippy gif move

blind artist dynamic gifs

animated moving gif.gif

beautifully haunting-gifs

mind blowing moving gif

george redhawk gifs

moving paintings


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