I stumbled upon a unique technique that left me mesmerized. Ever seen moving photos? Check out cinemagraphs! Creating a cinemagraph is not as simple as it may look. Some of them took entire day to make, but the results are breathtaking! Cinemagraph is a technique of blending the effects of images and videos. I found some very exciting, funny and extremely creative cinemagraphs here and decided to exhibit them for you guys.

Some of these cinemagraphs will take time to load, so be patient and watch each of them carefully, enjoy!

Cinemagraphs 1

Cinemagraphs 2

Cinemagraphs 3

Cinemagraphs 4

Cinemagraphs 5

Cinemagraphs 6

Cinemagraphs 7

Cinemagraphs 8

Cinemagraphs 9

Cinemagraphs 10

Cinemagraphs 11

Cinemagraphs 12

Cinemagraphs 13

Cinemagraphs 14

Cinemagraphs 15

Cinemagraphs 16

Cinemagraphs 17

Cinemagraphs 18

Cinemagraphs 19

Cinemagraphs 20

Cinemagraphs 21

Cinemagraphs 22

Cinemagraphs 23

Cinemagraphs 24

Cinemagraphs 25

Cinemagraphs 26

Cinemagraphs 27

Cinemagraphs 28

Cinemagraphs 29

Cinemagraphs 30


  • Martin
    I think they are wonderful :)
  • person
    They are very awesome. However I do not see anything happening in #3 or #18.
  • kathy
    I love these!
  • Osman
    i gazed at number 7 for a long time, and than suddenly the guy freaked me out :P
  • Hakob
    can you make these your back ground and make them move?
  • Hannah
    It would be cool to have one of these in a digital picture frame on your wall. It would be kind of like Harry Potter.
  • Fraser
    Can you please teach me? This is beautiful. Would be very useful technique used for point and click computers such as Machinarium
  • Corinne
    How do you make these? What file type is this....I want to learn! ;)
  • Prana Lim
    can you make a tutorial for cinemagraph/gif ?
  • Nick
    @Rick, I had a similiar idea and did some research on which digital frames support the animated gif format on my blog recently: https://www.stillreel.com/?p=72
  • Jazy
    #11 is awsome !!!
  • Wilburforce
    nice app on the iphone called Flixel that will create these, not as good detail but the idea is the same
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