Creative interactions call for creative measures - numerous extensions reduce, minimize or dilute the frustration of the customers and resolve issues quickly without the customer support team need. Customer interaction, engagement, and communication are few of the mandatory ingredients when it comes to building a brand. If we talk about our internet connection, for instance, this is the department that can bring agitation to most of us or the entire household if it doesn’t work properly for a day. Most of the top-notch Internet Service Providers including my spectrum internet customer service have invested and trained their teams in a way that they not only retain the customers when they face any issue but their customers know that reporting to the CS always sort things out for them.

internet live support extension to increase customers interactions

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In this article, we are going to discuss which live support extension is leading the market and are popularly recommended to increase customer interactions. So, without further delaying, let’s get started:

1. Magento – this extension is fully customizable and easily searchable. Magento allows customers to rate, create short SEO-friendly URLs, let customers ask questions and send files or images in answer.

Magento 2 RMA (return merchandise authorization) is a solution to your needs if you want to make your customers satisfied to try this out. It lets you stay closer to your customers, understand their needs, personalize request every RMA, this increases loyal customers' number and satisfaction.

2. Livezilla – it is highly customizable, with full access to the PHP code irrespective of the version. You need to have MySQL and PHP installed to support this extension. The data of the customers remain on your server, with no third-party trespassing because they respect your privacy.

Furthermore, the IP addresses will be masked, with no data processing contract required and it works without cookies. Livezilla complies with security regulations and data privacy.

3. Plesk – REVE chat this live chat extension is a one-stop response to customers' queries and instant assistance that boost sales conversions. The prime features involve:

a. Voice/Video Chat: Lets you talk to your clients utilizing voice/video visits directly inside your web or versatile applications with click to call arrangement.

b. Facebook Messaging: alow you to chat with your Facebook clients utilizing REVE Chat from a single dashboard.

c. Viber Messaging: Enables you to chat with your clients on Viber informing utilizing your open record from a single dashboard.

d. Ongoing Visitor Analytics: Click to consider is an incredible arrangement that can be actualized on REVE Chat to offer constant voice help to online clients. It permits guests and specialists to start Voice and Video Call from their Chat window.

e. Office Management: Lets you improve client reaction time by steering your client questions to the correct office.

f. Auto Triggers: Allows you to send programmed solicitations to your site guests dependent on a certain time, ULR or area.

g. Chat Monitoring: Lets you monitor your operator execution and reactions continuously to give increasingly suitable solutions to your client questions.

h. Lining (or queueing): Manage your client desires viably by giving them the right data about holding up time when your operators are occupied with different clients.

4. Joomla – provides a simple method to coordinate your Joomla!- fueled site with the LiveChat arrangement. It permits you to live talk with site guests, screen webpage traffic, and break down guests' web exercises, including their web crawler and watchword utilization.

5. OpenCart – OpenCart permits you to add live talk answers for your online store inside a couple of moments. It permits you to live talk with site guests, screen webpage traffic, and dissect guests' web exercises, including their web crawler and catchphrase utilization.

That’s it!

Summing Up,

It appears to be basic, yet it works wonders. The reactions that allow you to find a good pace will be unbelievably useful in educating the heading regarding your multi-channel live chat system. You must try out the aforementioned live support extensions to observe incredible improvements in customer experiences that will ultimately result in bringing more success to your business. Good Luck!


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