Most modern homes today have swimming pools; however, not every homeowner has complemented the landscape near swimming pools as they should. Therefore, it is important to work with a reliable company for pool landscaping that has great experience and is creative enough to turn your swimming pool despite its size, into a gorgeous backyard retreat. Such skilled designers specialize in installing fountains, waterfalls decorative stones, decks, and many other perfect landscaping designs. But first, if you are green in this field or you want to do it yourself, there are some of the landscaping tips you should know.

The walkways around the pool

There is a myriad of options for your pool walkways. You can have it installed with stone tiling, interlocking pavers, flagstone, and many other materials. Pavers are great at creating walkways around your pool and a pool deck too. It allows space for sunbathing or just cocktailing around the pool. These are not only easy to install, but they are also durable, and they don’t require mortar. Pavers are loved by many since they are an economical option, and they come in different colors and shapes. This way, they allow you to design your pool in a way that meets your needs.

A great design today is using interlocking stones or pavers on the walkways and then switching to natural rock and boulders. Intermix them with small evergreens or mulch, or tall grand or even decorative stones.

Landscaping around it

If you are considering to have trees around the pool, ensure you choose those whose effect is not far and reaching. Choose the ones with short roots and the species that won't shed leaves and branches into your swimming pool. Trees around the pool are awesome at creating shade during some hours of the day. They also work as a windbreaker depending on the land topography. Evergreens are an excellent option for their aesthetics and are easy to maintain.

If you want to place flowers and plants around the pool, ensure you plant them on garden containers. The flower bed is an excellent idea, but this is better where your swimming pool is set on an incline, and you have your flowerbed on the downstream. If it is the other way round, a heavy downpour can have the muddy run off from your flowerbed drain into the swimming pool. It’s, however, to line your walkway with a line edge capable of keeping your flowerbed close but protected from the swimming pool.

Add water features

Have you ever considered placing a waterfall or fountain near your pool? It adds some excitement to your plain landscaping design. The sound created by water trickling or splashing is exciting.

tips for designing your pool


You can add other accessories such as ornamental grasses, lighting around the pool area, and many more to further enhance the looks and design of your pool. If you have run short of ideas, feel free to work with an experienced contractor for a better design. These are the right guy to go for not only to have your pool landscaped but for most pool advise


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