eBook publishing has opened the world of publishing to a more diverse array of authors. With relatively little technical skill (but considerable work), you can publish your manuscript as an eBook. That said, it's necessary to take proactive steps to ensure your eBook will stand out from the very large crowd. The following are nine secrets to writing a great eBook, one that has a greater chance of being enjoyed by thousands:

  1. Select your topic carefully. Choose an eBook topic that is of interest to a wide variety of people and a topic that is the subject of a lot of online discussion. This way, you'll have a much greater chance of attracting more readers.
  2. An outline will keep you on track. As with a traditional print book, an outline can be useful in ensuring you are keeping on track with your anticipated schedule for your eBook.
  3. A thought-provoking title will garner you more visitors. The first impression your readers will have of your book is its title. Choose a title that expresses what they will read in the eBook in a gripping way.
  4. Publishing an eBook can take a significant amount of time. From the moment you begin to write the book to the first time someone purchases your eBook, the process can take a half a year or more. Be sure you’re ready to see it through to the end before you start.
  5. Publishing an eBook is not necessarily free. Unless you are skilled at graphic design and can edit your own work, plan on contracting out the tasks of creating your eBook cover and having your manuscript proofread.
  6. eBooks can help increase the number of visitors to your site. Think about what you want out of your eBook. If traffic to your site is something you want, then craft your eBook accordingly. If you publish your website address in your eBook, you’ll not only help guide readers to your site, but you’ll also gain a valuable link to your website; this is a critical component of ranking well in search engines.
  7. Create your own buzz. Once you’ve published your eBook, be sure to post a link to it to everyone you know on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.
  8. Research your audience before you write. Decide which demographic is going to be most interested in your topic, and plan your writing style and tone in accordance with this demographic.
  9. Proofreading can make or break your eBook. Even the most highly acclaimed writers in the world have their writing proofread. Be sure to ask the opinion of someone who you feel has a solid command of the English language.


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