Once you enter college, your life will undergo a dramatic change. Your new student life will be saturated with new impressions, acquaintances, and challenges, of course. And, as lots of students confess, writing essay is one of the most considerable challenges a higher educational institution may offer. If somehow you didn’t manage to develop necessary writing skills in school, you may have a hard time handling numerous written assignments. There’s so much you need to do to complete an effective essay: locate and vet multiple sources, come up with an arguable thesis statement, present your thoughts and ideas in a coherent and logical way, stick to a specific structure, and do lots of other things to impress your graders and score a desired grade.

Still, there is one more thing to essay writing than often freaks college students out. The truth is your instructors won’t always be providing you with essay prompts guiding you through the writing process and giving you important hints about what points to cover in your essay. College professors often encourage their students to come up with their own essay topics that are of interest to them. While some students may consider such freedom of choice as excellent opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and expertise, others may find it daunting. Thought we can’t help you figure out an engaging topic for each essay you’re assigned, today we want to help you with our intimate partner violence essay. So, if at this very moment, you’re beating your brains out in the attempt to come up with an effective topic for this essay, it’s about time you checked the following list.

Trust Your Instincts Campaign

Trust Your Instincts Campaign by Kimberly Barnoski

#1 Intimate Partner Violence from a Victimology Perspective

You’ll definitely impress your teacher if you choose to analyze the roots and effects of domestic violence from the victimological perspective. Be sure to identify the objectives of victimology in your paper and with that in mind, gradually move on to explore the nature of intimate partner violence and identify the scope of this sort of crime. Your may want to draw your audience’s attention to common causes of domestic abuse and its prevalence among different social groups and offer workable solutions to the domestic violence problem.

#2 Why Battered Victims Choose to Stay with Abusers

Another interesting and socially important topic you may want to explore in your intimate partner violence essay is why victims of domestic violence don’t leave the batterers that repeatedly inflict harm on them. Given the complex and nature of the given issue, you’ll need to rely on multiple sources that should be highly credible and up-to-date. Take care to analyze environmental, situational, emotional, and individual factors that prevent a victim from breaking free from their torturers. You may also want to analyze a victim’s behavior in the context of the Stockholm syndrome and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in your essay.

#3 What Causes Domestic Violence?

You may devote your essay entirely to exploring the causes of domestic violence, which, as you, vary greatly. Also, be sure to discuss common triggers that set off a batterer and abusive tactics an abuser usually utilizes to control their victims.

#4 Intimate Partner Violence in Same-Sex Relationships

Traditionally, people picture a brutal, violent, and uncompromising man when they think of a perpetrator of domestic violence and conceive of a woman as a victim of domestic violence. Still, experts note that intimate partner violence may occur within same-sex relationships, too. Why not cover this topic in your essay, then? It should be noted that some students find the given topic somewhat challenging, given the lack of comprehensive studies of domestic violence in same-sex relationships, compared to the abundance of similar studies in heterosexual relationships. Still, it shouldn’t prevent you from opting for this topic. As you know, college is all about dealing with challenges and overcoming problems, which is a prerequisite for successful learning and self-improvement.

Final Word

You may also consider exploring narrower topics such as The Role of Economy, Ethnicity, and Religion in Domestic Violence, Long-Term Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Millennial Victims, The Role of Current Domestic Violence Laws and legislation in Addressing and Preventing Domestic Abuse Crimes, and others.

It’s up to you to decide what topic is worth your attention and will be more of interest to your target audience. You may come up with your own topic or avail yourself of any of those mentioned in our article. Either way, we’ll be happy to help you.


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