Many people sell their crafts as a way of making a living. It is a way to do what you love whilst making money out of it. People who love arts and crafts can have a special talent, and one that can indeed be monetized. The hints and tips here mainly apply to all kinds of creation and selling, yet some could be seen as specific to certain types of crafts. Remember, there is a lot to consider when selling your crafts, you need to ensure you make a profit, get the logistics right and find a good selling platform to name but a few. You may have considered some of these hints already but if not give them a thought or two, they could make your process easier. Although you create for fun, you sell for money, making what you do a business.

In the first instance you need to check the costs of your products and weigh them against how much you are selling them for. It is an important thing to do because you now know your margin of profit on each item you are selling. If this isn’t in the red you may want to scale back on the production costs of the item or increase your pricing. Profitability is paramount, especially if you are doing this on your own and don’t have another form of income as current.

You need to ensure the logistics for your products works smoothly too otherwise you could see your items arrive in pieces, or worse, not arrive at all. If this happens your reputation will take an awful hit. There are many courier services available that are reliable but if you are using heavy and bulky items you may want to check out certain logistical services.

selling creations business

When you are selling online you need to ensure it all works well and as it should. Your website will be like your store front, so it needs to be attractive and well designed. In the first instance look at a great website host. This is important as it affects the overall operational capacity of your website. Your best bet is to look at a collection of website host reviews to find which one would suit your best. Spend time on this because it is important. After you have your host you can get down to creating the website.

You need to find a great web developer first. Someone who knows what they are doing and charges a fair amount. There are many out there, so you need to compare and contrast. Tell them what you want. It depends on how many crafts you want to sell, if it is just the one then it should be easy, if you have many then there will be a few different product pages to create. Provide great photos of your products, ensuring they give a brilliant overview of what they are. You also need to provide a description for each product. If you aren’t good at writing you may want to find a freelance writer to do this for you.

People can’t find your website if they do not know it exists. As such you may want to invest a little in SEO. Alongside this you can do your own work. Create a social media base, create a business page and post pertinent and relevant content from it. Then look at the blogs. Ask the owners to review your products or use guest posts to hold links back to your product pages. These are all viable ways of increasing your web traffic. Make sure you tap into good analytics too. It is complex, but it can help you pull more traffic to your website and get those extra sales. The more people that visit, the more likely they are to talk to each other people about your products, there is nothing better than word of mouth to spread the word.

You don’t need to just rely on the internet. Remember, you have a great and unique product you have made and crafted yourself. Take it to a road show. At one of these you can showcase your crafts, and tell people of your creative nauce. Potential buyers may see them and like them, earning you a decent purchase. Remember to represent yourself well. You need good quality stands and banners and maybe even a media wall. Be sure to find the right trade show too, there are dozens going on all the time so try to find the right one that suits your crafts.


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