Using pop culture action figures like Batman, Yoda, Superman, Darth Vader and Kermit the Frog, as well as toys from the classic Pixar movie Toy Story, like Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head and Woody, instagrammer Daniel Cerejo puts a hilarious spin on the characters as they experiencing life in the real world, with his nostalgic and playful series of photos.

pop culture action figures to life

"?!? Last time I checked, I had a lightsaber, not a cerealsaber..."

Through his photographs, Cerejo provides an answer to the question we all had once thought of as children: what if the toys we play with come to life? By pairing a clean and minimalist picture with a funny caption, Daniel makes us smile because of his cute and clever ways. Whether it’s Yoda cleaning his green ears with cotton buds, or Darth Vader putting his lightsaber to good use or see Buzz's eyes bug out at the sight of a humongous lollipop, Cerejo doesn't fail to make us smile.

action figures experiencing life in the real world

"Pretty mature way to keep the candy just for you, Buzz"

clever photos of pop culture action figures

"He's tough, but, c'mon, who can resist cookies?!? #temptedtoys"

real life toy stories

"Showed him some Tupac"

real toy stories

"Woody never thought burgers and fries could be so stinky"

real life adventure time

"Calm down, Jake. We're just going to the grocery store..."

funny instagram toy

real adventure time finn jake instagram

"Too much adventure..."

real toy stories brought to life

"My hat!!!"

real life toy story


real spiderman toy

"I know you're late for school, Spidey, but don't forget your lunch!"

batman toy instagram

"I know crime can't wait, Mr. Batman, but if you don't want a wrinkly cape, you need to be patient just like every other superhero!"

characters playfully interacting with real life

mr potato head realistic

"Hey! What's this on my plate?!? I didn't order salad!"

when action figures come to life

"C'mon! I want to see my reflection in those boots! You heard?!?"

secret life toys

He just watched "Free Willy"

most creative instagram accounts follow

instagram toys real life


captain america toy real life situation

"Get that shield out of the way, Captain! I want an american lunch and I'm gonna have an american lunch!"

funny instagram toys

batman toy funny

"So...that's how Bruce Wayne got his fortune"

toy story photographs woody

"Since this Woody was made in Japan, he insisted on celebrating the new year now. What worries me is that he also wants to celebrate at the portuguese time..."

photographer brings favorite toys life

adventure time jake finn funny instagram

"Finn never sleeps with a blanket. He prefers a sock. Don't ask."

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expericing life real world

"Who do you think you are?!? The one and only Buzz Lightyear is down here"


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