More than 70% of employers agree that they often check someone online before hiring them. And also more than 70% has turned down a candidate because of something they've found online on them.

So we started questioning if resumes are still important nowadays when a more significant part of decisions are made based on information online? Well, yes, because 30% of employers always trust only your resume, and most importantly - that 70% who care about what they find online, still need to get a good first impression from your resume to be even interested.

So to land a great job, you still need a good-looking resume. To create the best one possible, we made a list of useful tips on how to make such a resume.

Keep It Simple

You probably hear this a lot - everybody’s keeping everything simple to become more significant. And there’s a lot of truth in that. In design, for example, if all elements are mixed up, how can a customer focus to the point of the design?

The same situation we have with resumes - the more simple it is, the easier it will be for someone to see your main achievements and see you as a valuable candidate.

Keeping it simple comes in both ways: one way is what you write. Don’t overload your resume with useless information, like your internship in Spain, when you were studying arts, and now you want to work in a chemistry lab. The second way is to focus on how easily readable is your resume: use simple fonts but don’t use extravagant colors and annoyingly color combinations.

Get Inspired

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If you haven’t done this in a while, the best idea for you is to get inspired. You can do it anywhere - some look for resume examples on Pinterest, where you can find some really original ones, some simply Google, some view examples of other successful resumes.

To understand what essential facts to add and highlight on your resume, you can also find inspiration on LinkedIn. Browse profiles of people who work in similar fields, and you’ll be surprised, how much you could have overlooked, and how creative people can get.

Star Smart - Use Resume Templates

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You don’t have to start entirely from scratch. We have many experts on the web who are continually preparing professional and fantastic resume templates. All you need to do is find and use them to get the job you always wanted.

Some incredible resume templates you can find on Google, where it’s easy to browse them and find argumentation which one you should use for your case. If you wish to create a CV and a cover letter - you can do that here as well, feel free to browse.

Choose The Best Format For You

Did you know that resumes are divided into different formats that are meant for various causes? Well, they are. If you pick the right one, this resume will help you highlight your strengths and achievements. Therefore, it will be easier for you to land the job you want by persuading your future boss.

There are a few different types of resume formats. Some differ in design, some - in the provided information. You can choose between modern, creative, basic, functional, executive, and college types.

Show Off Your LinkedIn Profile

If possible, add an icon or a plain link that leads to your LinkedIn profile. Here you can show off some things that you can’t on your resume. Other than your connections, people can endorse you for your skills. And that is not the same as writing it down on your resume by yourself. This LinkedIn feature is a real online recommendation.

And here you can find some excellent tips on how to boost your LinkedIn profile to make it even more persuasive and informative.

Include Full Contact Information

Make it easy for your future boss to get in touch with you - provide all contact information in a visible spot. It might seem to be a tiny detail, but it’s super important. Someone could like your resume and want to hire you, but not adding contact information will make it harder or even impossible. More to it, you will make an impression that you don’t pay attention to detail.


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