You can do everything today. There are certainly no limits to what the mind can achieve, and that includes floating. With simply manipulating layers using Photoshop, a floating image has never been easier to create.

Is levitation a part of your dreams? Have you always wondered what it would feel like to float on air? No need to continue on guessing.

photography tips how to create floating

Let your mind play as you learn some photography tips from this levitation photography guide on how to create an amazing floating image:

1. Get Good Equipment

Before doing anything else, one of the best things you can do in order to create a good trick is to gather all your equipment and get them ready to do the shot.

You will need:

  • A camera that has an excellent manual focus
  • A steady tripod, one that will not easily fall
  • Ladder, chair, or stool that can support your model
  • Flexible model who is willing to bend and jump around

2. Shoot On A Day When There Is Not Much Sun

This is the most ideal time to shoot because there are not many shadows. Since you will be putting together two images, which are the picture of your model and the background, it would be easier to not have to edit much around the shadows.

3. Use Furniture To Prop Your Model Up

One effective way to achieve a floating image is through the use of furniture that the model can lean, stand, or sit on. For starters, set the model on something steady. Guide them on the poses that you need, as well as the facial expression the photo requires. It could be a face of excitement, anxiousness, joy, and amazement, among others. You can easily play around in this area.

Next, after taking a photo of your model, you will now have to snap a photo of the same spot, but, this time, without the model. Do not change anything in the setting--do not add anything else nor take anything out of the photo. Just simply remove the model and the furniture holding her up. and shoot.

Make sure that your photo is clean and clear as it’s essential during the final steps of editing.

4. Use Jumping As A Levitation Trick On Kids

If you are working with kids and they are having a hard time sitting still, you can always take advantage of their being active by having them jump. This way, you can make the whole shoot less boring for them, thus they will not get irritated or run out of patience.

You can do this by working on a good background. Position your model in the best possible angle that they can be in, then just simply ask them to jump.

This kind of trick will probably take a lot of tries in order to get the perfect shot. Do not settle on just one shot and just shoot a lot of photos so that you can choose from different options when it comes to the editing stage.

For this trick to be effective, you need to use a camera that is able to capture fast movements. The camera is vital to the success of doing this trick. The model should not be blurry and should still be clear as day even while doing quick movements.

5. Shoot Low

Shooting from a low perspective effectively helps create an illusion of floating. But, be careful of the way you shoot your chosen angle so that the prop is not blocking your model. When this happens, you will have a hard time editing the photo. Simply kneel down to shoot from the ground; perception can really make a difference when doing this shot.

6. Invest In A Good Photo Editing Software

If you want to create an amazing levitation photo, it’s a no brainer to invest in a great photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop. A stunning image, especially one that utilizes tricks to create an illusion, has a lot to do with the editing that has gone into it. If your current editor is not able to achieve the desired effect, then all the great camera shots will just be useless.

Photoshop is a paid software that lets you do more than just a levitation trick. It is a good investment if you are a photographer since you can do a lot of post-edits here, allowing you to create images that accurately reflect your visions.


Levitation photography is a fun photography trick that you can achieve by using the right pieces of equipment (particularly, high quality ones), choosing the right time of day, using the right furniture to hold your model up, shooting from a low perspective, and investing in the right editing software. All these work together to achieve one cool image that will leave people in utter awe.


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