Living in the digital age has its advantages, and if you’re a business enterprise, then it is up to you how you make the most of technology to promote your brand. Advertising has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to the wonders of technology. Instead of just relying on the traditional marketing tools, you now have more modern strategies and devices to send your message across your target market.

Businesses should take advantage of the latest technology such as the use of digital signage to push their brands. This is one of the most efficient and affordable ways of spreading your message and impressing your audience at this time and age. Whatever industry you are in, whether you are in the food business, clothing, shoes or service, digital signage is a good way to reach and engage your customers.

Photography and digital signage

Digital signage allows you to express your message or content through an electronic display. These can be your products, services, or some other information about your business. Your digital signage should be eye-catching and attention-grabbing and to do that, you need to have good photographs. Displays with poor quality will only defeat the purpose of the advertising campaign.

photography tips Digital display screens

illustration by Javier Ibañez

How to get the best photographs for digital signage?

If you are really serious about promoting your brand through digital signage then invest in a reputable photographer who can get the best shots for your business. However, if you want to take the photos by yourself, make sure you at least know the basic guidelines in getting good photographs. Consider the following tips:

Indoor or outdoor?

Decide on what type of photography you need for your digital signage. There are different considerations when taking indoor or outdoor photos. Make sure you have decided on this even before you conceptualise the photos that you are going to take.

Some photographers use studio lighting when taking indoor photos, but there are others who prefer natural lighting. You can experiment and see which results will suit your campaign. Try to lower the setting of your ISO if you find it hard to get a sharp focus. Experiment on which ISO setting will work best for your photos.

If you are taking photos outdoors then make sure you know the magic hours. Professional photographers prefer to take photos either at the break of dawn or twilight, that period right after the sun sets but before it turns into dusk, when there is still light in the sky. These are the times when you get the best colours of yellow, orange and red to make your digital display stand out.

Create a concept

Photographs should tell a story. If you are using digital signage to market your products then your photographs should be able to send your message across through a story. It’s not just about taking photos of your products or what your business offers. It’s about telling a story that will grab the attention of your audience and your target market.

Creating a concept for your photograph is never easy. Even professional photographers take time to prepare for their photo shoots and come up with a concept first before they click their cameras away. You are in the best position to create a concept for your photographs since you know your business well. You can also get inspiration from the movies or even from what’s happening around you.

Choose your equipment

Use a camera, instead of just a cellphone, If you intend to use your photographs for large screen digital display. You can always argue that there are mobile phones now that offer good quality shots. However, you need a higher quality image for your digital display. No one wants to look at grainy or pixelated images. Using poor photos for your digital display will leave a bad impression and may affect your brand image.

Taking photographs for your digital display should be done only after careful planning. Check your equipment and make sure that it will give you the best results. Businesses use digital displays to send a message to their market. Make sure you don’t send the wrong one by choosing only the best photos.


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