There are so many new businesses appearing nowadays - and it’s nice to see that there are so many young and brave people who are willing to start something of their own and create a fortune for themselves and upcoming generations.

But the main issue in this beautiful vision of an independent lifestyle is to figure out what you would like to do, would it be profitable, how much additional budget it would require, and if you would have enough free time to build a business like this.

To help you choose faster and wiser, in this article, you’ll find some simple tips and ideas for online businesses you could easily start on your own.

Start your own agency

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Many online service that offers an opportunity for you to create various businesses by creating a fully functional website in less than two minutes. You can choose between different types of website templates for your new business, one of them could be an agency of your own.

This a great opportunity for you to offer website designs to your clients. By joining, you’ll save a great deal of money and will be able to participate in a special platform for entrepreneurs with online courses.

One of the features of this service is that no matter what type of website you choose to create - you can always modify the code. So in result, you should have exactly the website and the type of business your clients want.

Assist Other Business Owners

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A really effective way to earn some great skills is to learn from those who already run a business. You can find plenty of projects online and if there are specific initiatives, companies or even influencers whose work you admire - you can write a motivational letter and offer to become their assistant.

This way, you’ll get to see and learn how someone’s day who’s working on the fields you are interested in looks like. You can ask questions, seek advice, and participate in various tasks and even projects.

Create a Digital Product

Creating digital products is a very profitable idea for a nowadays days business online. More to it, it also does not require for you to work full time, have a lot of experience or work at the office - you can easily make this a remote work, no matter what you do - Photoshop photos, create designs, draw vectors or create other kinds of digital products.

Although one thing that can be very unfortunate and therefore should be kept in mind - that any technology could fail and there is always a small possibility to wake up one morning and see that all of your work is gone. That’s why you should keep all your files safely online in all kinds of dropbox alternatives that does not only keep your files safe but also makes it possible to access them from many different devices. Also, try to avoid the mistakes many freelance designers make at first.

Freelance Writing Service

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Content creation is something many agencies and businesses need today: from article writing to creating of product descriptions. If you never thought you could be a writer - think about it again. Surely, you’ll need great grammar skills, but you need to think it through if there are specific fields that you really like and know a lot about.

For example, if you enjoy traveling and could speak for hours and hours about your travels and interesting places to visit, maybe it would be a great idea to try an cooperate with travel agencies and help them with their websites, travel offer descriptions, and even Facebook.

Become Facebook expert

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Facebook is something that a lot of businesses use today - some use it for product promotions, some - for image formation, and some - for communicating with their audience and appearing more human as a brand.

That being said, it’s a great opportunity to become a Facebook expert - helping companies create strategies and content, managing Facebook Ads, analyzing Page Insights, and creating funnels for high converting landing pages and deeper insights.

Start a Blog

Some may think blogging is dead, but you’d be surprised how many active blogs there are online and how many of them are created every day. That’s because it’s profitable. All you need to do to get the profits from any kind of blog - is to monetize it.

And to make it even easier - you do not need to create a website from scratch, you can simply use the WordPress platform that has been appreciated by many known bloggers around the globe. And in order to have an eye-catching design for your new blog, you can try out searching WordPress themes that has different variations and are highly customizable.

Buy and Flip Domains

If you’re more of a “buy and resell” kind of person, but you are too scared to dip into the depths of e-commerce, there’s also an option for you. It’s not a secret that there are more and more young people who are brave and ambitious to start a business online, therefore they will need a great and suitable domain name for their business.

You can think earlier than any business entrepreneurs will and buy these popular domains for a small amount of money and resell them for more if somebody wants a specific domain name that you already own.

Set Up an E-commerce Site

On the other hand, if e-commerce is something that interests you and you want to start building your empire as soon as possible and you do want to learn the depths of this type of business - that’s great too.

The first thing you’ll need to kickstart a business like that is a functional website where you’ll be selling your products for your future clients. But have it in mind, that even if you have a stunning website with the interesting product, it won’t be enough at the beginning - a lot of purchases are made depending on the reviews that people leave on your website. These will be crucial at the beginning of your e-commerce career. For example, creating visual reviews that people are more likely to read and a special feature of scheduling the invitations for your clients to leave the reviews in the first place.

Start selling logos online

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If graphic design is something you are good at, something you like or at least want to learn, it could be a great idea to start with selling logos online.

First of all - it’s good to focus on something very specific at first and become a professional at it. Secondly - logos are something that every business needs - not everybody needs and flyer for their service, but everyone needs a logo. And thirdly - there are websites that create logos between 48 hours by letting you participate in a logo contest- and it’s a perfect place to show off your skills and find your first clients.

Help Companies with SEO

SEO has been crucial for online businesses for years. As they say - if you’re not on Google, then you’re basically nowhere to be found on the web. And an interesting fact is that organic SEO has about 5.5 times better ROI when compared to paid search ads - and only a true specialist can help companies with a thing like that. If you know SEO - start consulting companies and helping them with strategy and analysis.

Sell Design work

If you’re a busy person because you’re still going to school, college, or university or maybe you have a full-time job and want to have a side business - graphic design is a perfect option for you. Some graphic designers choose to become freelance designers, but it’s pretty tough to keep up with the deadlines when you have to study or go to a full-time job.

The easier and simpler way for people with a lack of free time is to create designs and just upload it to background stock vectors websites - then other designers can buy it from you.

Help companies with creating landing pages

Landing pages are great for many types of businesses - especially for all types of services, consulting, portfolios, and so much more. But what many business owners do not know is that it’s pretty easy to create a good looking website if you know the right tools to use. All you need to do is find the best landing page builders and start gaining profits.


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