What is the best age to start a business? There is no exact way of measuring entrepreneurial genius against age, but recent studies may have just found the slightest of answers to that question. Despite there being a mass media outcry for people of a younger generation to channel their inner entrepreneur and make a change to both the world of today and the world of the future, research conducted by Sandler Training shows the average age of the entrepreneur in the UK is 47 (46 for men and 48 for women).

And when you really, really think about it, it makes sense (when you base your thinking around stereotypes, that is). What with your twenties being a time of such insecurity when it comes to your professional work life, as well as being a time when you want to extract every single drop of youth that you still have; and your thirties being the era when you’re too deep in nappies and mortgages to be able to throw yourself into such a venture: it makes sense that the forties are the ‘it’ decade when it comes to starting a business. If you are of the age of consent (47, or thereabouts) to start your own business, and you’ve never thought about it before, then what’s holding you back? If you’ve already got a ground-breaking idea, especially, then you should probably get your entrepreneurs ball rolling, and here are a few tips on how to do so.


Firstly, make sure you do your homework in regards to the name you want to call your business before you provide it in a legal sense, because your business’s name needs to be completely unique and unlike any other. If you nick another company’s name or trade mark, then that could land you in a whole heap of trouble. Trade mark infringement is serious: ‘a registered trade mark may now be infringed by use of that trade mark as a trade or company name’. Because of this, it’s imperative that you make use of all the information provided by the UK government, and just be thankful you didn’t have to go through all of this when you were naming your child!

As soon as this all checked and you have a perfect and unique name to go with that perfect idea, then you can now get to work. There are many options in getting yourself up and running: you can even start a business online in regards to getting your company formation and incorporation details sorted. And then, once your business baby has been born, it’s time to get down to the hardest part: doing all that you possibly can to take it from start-up to market leader. And that brings with it a whole host of fresh tasks and challenges — the first one is creating a good online presence for your business.

But, although it seems that the entrepreneurial mind gets better with age — like a fine red wine — what really is the best age to start a business? Well, whatever age you are now, is the correct answer!


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