In the construction of a building, it is essential to include the furnishing. This will help other people realize that the construction of the building has come to an end. Similarly, it is crucial for an essay to constitute a conclusion. The conclusion for an essay is fundamental in essay writing just as the introduction. While the introduction introduces the audience to your paper, the conclusion helps to show them that it has come to an end. Additionally, the conclusion enlightens the audience of something new, motivates or influences them and calls them to action among other objectives.

how to write essay paper paragraph

Writing the conclusion of an essay can be challenging. This is because some students may have other ideas that they may want to include in their papers. But, the essay length does not allow them. Also, there are some who do not know how to bring their papers to an end. To learn how to write a good conclusion. Furthermore for your essay conclusion consider the following tips:

Conclusion: final tips

When writing the conclusion for your article, you first need to understand what it incorporates. Your conclusion needs to have a summary of what your essay is about. State the main point of your essay that you would like the audience to know. Firstly, you can use the introduction as a guide on how to start a conclusion for your paper. Secondly, you can also use the body paragraphs of your paper to write your conclusion. You simply need to state the key points. Finally, leave the audience with a thought-provoking statement.

Summary: ways to improve a section for paragraph

A conclusion for an essay is a summary of what your paper is about. Therefore, to improve a section for your conclusion paragraph, summarize your paper in a manner the reader(s) will know it has come to an end.

What includes the conclusion section

The conclusion section:

  • Demonstrates to the audience the completeness of your paper.
  • Summarizes your article.
  • Shows the reader(s)the purpose of your essay.
  • Illustrates to the audience that your paper has come to an end.
  • Displays how well you have supported your thesis.

Structure paragraph

The structure paragraph for the conclusion is what builds up the conclusion of your essay. The structure of the conclusion paragraph is similar to that of the introduction. However, while the introduction paragraph begins with a general statement, the conclusion paragraph begins with a specific statement. When writing the conclusion for your essay, you need to begin with specific statements before getting to the general ones.

Noise effects

Writing a conclusion for your essay in a noisy place is difficult. This is because you may easily get distracted and forget what your essay is about. Also, your focus will not be on finishing your essay in an effective manner. Write your essay in a quiet room or place as this will help you develop good closing sentences for your paper.

Details to include

The conclusion wraps up your article in a small package for the audience. Below are the details you need to include in the conclusion outline of your paper.

  • A topic sentence which bridges or recapitulates your thesis statement.
  • Are articulate of your thesis statement with a fresh and deeper understanding.
  • Supporting sentences which summarize your assertions or claims in the essay.
  • A summary of each of the topic sentences of your body paragraphs.
  • A closing statement which gives the audience a sense of closure.

Use these ways for efficiency

To develop an effective conclusion for your paper, below are some means and methods you can apply for efficiency.

  • Ask yourself, ‘So What?’ and answer. This will help you know what to include in a conclusion.
  • Go back to the theme in the introductory paragraph. If you started your essay by describing a situation or a setting, conclude it with the same setting. This will help prove how you are creating a new comprehension.
  • Summarize. Provide a summary of your paper while stating the key points.
  • Incorporate a thought-provoking statement or a statement which calls the reader(s) to action.

Ineffective ways

There are some strategies which when used will make your conclusion in efficient. Some of them include:

  • Beginning with a commonly used phrase such as ‘in summary’ and ‘in conclusion.’
  • Stating your thesis.
  • Introducing an idea not mentioned in the essay.
  • Incorporating proof which ought to be in the body.

Topic for conclusion

There are various topics you can use in your conclusion to make it sound more appealing. Some of the conclusion paragraph examples you can use as topics for conclusion include:

  • Is VR important for education?
  • Should junk foods be taxed?
  • Should weed be made legal?
  • What are the dangers of building a house near a water body?

Concisely, the conclusion is essential in essay writing just as the introduction. The purpose of having a conclusion in your article is that it shows the completeness of your paper. Writing the conclusion of an essay can be a bit challenging. However, the tips discussed above can help you learn how to write a concluding sentence for your paper.


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