Promote your stuff on social media. Build an e-mail subscription list. Write original content. You’ve heard this stuff before, no doubt, from many articles about boosting the views on your website. Now, don’t get me wrong: you should be doing all of that stuff, without doubt. But that kind of advice isn’t necessarily the stuff that makes you stand out from the crowd. After all, that’s what everyone else is doing, right?

So when it comes to getting more people to your website, you need to tap into a more creative side. People are drawn to creativity more than anything else when it comes to marketing. When you take a slightly more unorthodox approach, you may find that you start attracting more visits in no time.

Free stuff

Okay, so perhaps “free stuff” is a suggestion you’ve heard about or thought of before. But how exactly do you go about it in the right way? In this digital age, everyone seems to expect companies to give away something for free, especially on their websites. Free samples are almost the least people expect. Still, there are plenty of websites out there that refuse to offer anything gratis. So really stand out by offering something of quality free of charge. Maybe you could consider writing an e-book to represent you, your business, or your website, then give that away.

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Unique design

A lot of websites these days don’t look that different from each other. They stick to a pretty standard template, even if there isn’t actually a template used in the development of the website. Of course, you don’t want to treat too far off the beaten path. After all, users tend to expect navigation buttons and search bars to be in fairly similar places from website to website. Still, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to surprise people with the creativity shown in your website design. If you decide to work with an agency for your small business web design, avoid one that uses templates!

Share other people’s content

You’ve heard a lot about getting creating your own content and making sure that gets seen by as many people as possible on social media. But your social media account shouldn’t just be about broadcasting your own stuff. In fact, you should probably share other people’s content even more than you do your own. As long as the content is good, then people will begin to see you as an authority on good content - and they often get more followers than people who create that content! You’ll also earn yourself some good karma - those whose content you shared may share your content in future.

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Get unconventional in your marketing campaign

Unfortunately, I can’t exactly give you a list of suggestions - you need to come up with your own marketing campaign! Still, it’s worth researching the creative marketing campaigns of the past to see if you can get some inspiration. Study them carefully to figure out what it is that makes them so unorthodox yet effective. What angle did they take? Which expectations did they skewer? If they were funny, what exactly made them funny?


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