The world has a long list of most dangerous and thrilling locations at large. In case you need your holiday get accompanied with a side of danger, then here are places you need to consider visiting; To step foot at these sites, you need a Google map to provide you a guide where you should step foot and where you should not.

Eritrea’s the Danakil Desert

danakil desert

At this site, there are several volcanoes, baking temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius and geysers that emit dangerous gasses to human health. This is actually among the brutal world landscapes. To many, this world's Africa landscape is considered as a terrible place as a literal Earth’s hell destination. Even if this is the case, it still attracts the brave world adventurers all year round. You should not visit this site without an experienced person.

USA’s Mount Washington

mount washington

On Earth, this mountain’s summit holds the fastest earth surface winds record. It has ever recorded a wind speed of 327 km/h at one time, and this is the fastest ever experienced in the world. However, strong winds are not the only concern that is experienced in this particular area of the world. The area experiences freezing temperatures that at times make to drop to as low as 40 degrees and all-time heavy snowfall that is not conducive for personal visits. This mountain is actually among the world’s deadliest peaks even though it has a modest height of 1917 meters. Human body loads experienced at the topmost part of this mountain can be compared on the one that is experienced on the most extensive world mountain, Mount Everest.

Indonesia’s Sinabung Volcano

indonesia volcano

Sinabung is a volcano that sits right at the Sumatra Indonesian Island. At this place, there are frequent eruptions that often leave several people without livelihood or shelter. Ash and lava have covered nearby towns and villages to this volcano completely. The year 2016 marks the current explosion that occurred at this place. During the eruption, deadly volcano cloud gas was emitted, ash and stones to heights of up to 2500 m.

Brazil’s Snake Island of lha da Queimada Grande

ilhas da queimada pequena e queimada grande1

This is regarded as the world’s most dangerous place, for those who want to discover world. It is hidden off the coast of the land of Brazil. The island hosts Bothrops, the world’s most venomous snakes. At this land, the researchers' estimates about five snakes live at a distance per square meter. So many stories have been heard before where many people succumb to these deadly creatures in no time. For instance, some stories recall one of the lighthouses keep who was at one time attacked by this fatal predator and died. Since this happening, Snake Island’s lighthouse has remained automated, and even visitors have been warned to step foot to this site by the Brazilian government.

Bolivia’s Madidi National Park

ban giocdetian falls china

The site looks very picturesque when you first time visits it, but it is among the dangerous places in the world. This is the home to the world’s most aggressive and poisonous fauna at large. You can develop severe itching, dizziness, and rushes whenever you get contact with any of the plant that has grown in this park. Tropical parasites can infect any small wound or cut on your body.

Chonburi, Thailand’s Elephant Kingdom

This is the world-known crocodile farm. At this site, there is a small semi-closed raft space that the owner has leased for tourists to visit. Tourists come here to see the crocodiles and also feed them. What is a raft? This is a thin one balanced wooden on the plastic barrels. The raft has a net enclosure around it halfway. The people get inside the enclosed shack, and they are often provided with fishing rods that they will use in feeding the crocodiles while at the scene. Tourists will use either meat or beef pieces that they attach to their fishing rods, and they afterward dangle them to these animals. The crocodiles will very fast jump out of the water to get these meat or beef pieces. You can likewise try teasing the crocodiles by dangling the meat pieces near them and pull the rod back.


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