In this post we will showcase the whole cast of the Harry Potter universe as Disney-fied versions of themselves. DeviantArtist Makani is behind these character portraits and, oh my goodness, all her work is so great. We have seen Harry Potter as an anime, but what about as a Disney movie? Makani did an excellent job translating. These look phenomenal. Somewhere down the road, if they ever feel the need to re-boot this already perfect film franchise, I hope they do it animated. This interpretation of the former in the style of the latter makes my heart so warm that it’s bubbling. But here, just an idea of what Harry Potter would look like as a Disney movie. I’m going to forever wish this would actually become a real movie. This makes me wonder if we will ever see an animated version of Harry Potter. There's no doubt it would be incredibly successful as a film or TV series. Check out the designs below and tell us us what you think!


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