When you’re designing a website, there are a range of practical things you need to consider, like navigation and the functionality of interactive features. However, if the nuts and bolts are all you think about, it can be easy to neglect the more creative side of the site. If you want to ensure that your website stands out from the competition, here are a few proven techniques to consider…

Beautiful Typography for the Summary

As soon as someone reaches a landing page, they’ll want to know exactly what the website is for. You need to have a clear, concise summary spanning only a sentence or two, telling any web user why they’re here, what sets the business apart, and what they can expect to find on the other pages. Simply taking your time to select some gorgeous typography will grab their attention, and hold it. Find a font that meshes well with the brand identity and the other design elements you’re planning on, and keep it distinct from the other text on the landing page.

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When in Doubt, Simplify

This one may seem a little counter-intuitive on the surface. You may think that a design that’s too simple will fail to grab user’s attention, and make the site very forgettable. However, if you apply simple design conventions in the right way, it can be a huge factor in how well the site stands out on its own. Pages that utilize a lot of white space, mostly simple typography and basic navigation, can be very effective at holding people’s attention. There’s an added bonus in using a simple design, as you can save money by leaning on basic web building interfaces. Of course, different business niches will require a different combination of features. Generally though, you should avoid designs that make people scratch their heads!

Utilize Contrast

When it comes to separating your content using contrasting colors and design elements, there’s no such thing as using too much! Clear contrast looks great, and works exceedingly well. There’s no need to strain your eyes examining and separating different design features, as it’s already done for you by a simple tweak in the color scheme. If you apply a stark contrast in the right way, it can also draw your users’ attention to more important things, such as your call to action, and away from the less important elements.

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Use a Gimmick

Note: this doesn’t mean overuse flashy, gimmicky features. Websites that are overloaded with high-tech interactive features, animations and so on don’t do anything other than irritate users, and drive them away. Having said that, a single well-placed “gimmick” feature can make the difference between users choosing your site over the competition’s. 360 videos, games, rotating picture galleries and interactive graphics can all add that extra bit of spice that makes a site stand out from the crowd. Flashy features won’t make a bad website good, but it can certainly make a good website more unique and memorable.


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