How to write an opinion essay? Experts recommend before writing an opinion essay, you should have an idea of why it is written. Sometimes the teachers want their students to speaking of their minds, to use their creativity while writing, and to share their opinions regarding a particular issue. The chance is that your teacher will ask you to write an opinion essay or two, depending on their desire and the nature of subjects you are being taught.

It should be noticed that an opinion essay usually consists of five paragraphs. But if your teacher wants you to write a long essay, then the number of paragraphs can be increased. If they have asked to write an essay on two pages, then the standard is to follow the basic five-paragraph essay structure. Certain things which you might have to bear in mind in order to ensure the quality are as follows.

how to write an opinion essay

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1. What to do before starting

How to write an opinion paragraph? Before you start writing an essay it is important for you to collect data from different sources. You should make sure that the information you gather is enough to support your opinions or arguments. Ideally, you can read books and journal articles that are related to your essay’s topic and sure you have included enough evidence to clarify your point of view. If you are looking for examples to support every single argument, then you should read as many book chapters and scholarly articles as are possible. Another thing you need to bear in mind is that you should save the sources you have collected information from so that you can cite them once the writing process is complete.

Thirdly, you should brainstorm new ideas and do not forget to answer the following basic questions in your essay.

  • What is the purpose of this opinion essay
  • How many words it should consist of
  • What is the main argument
  • How to support the opinion or argument
  • What main points should be covered
  • How to conclude the essay
  • How to improve the arguments or opinions

2. Writing: Introduction-Body-Conclusion

What is an opinion essay? Once you have gotten the answer to the above-mentioned question, the next step is to write the essay. It needs to have three core parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. After graduation good marks will make you to be in demand in many companies but you could find a better work if order resume online in specialist to save time.

In the introduction section, you are to present your subject and clearly write the opinion or thesis statement in the last sentence. If the opinion is about a particular disease or phenomenon, then you need to define it and give a brief history so that the reader gets to know what you are going to talk about. There is no need to include too many quotes in the introduction, and you should ask a rhetorical question to keep the reader’s attention maintained.

How to write an opinion essay introduction? Once the introduction has been written, the next step is to write the main body. The body section of your essay should consist of three paragraphs. In every paragraph, there should be examples and stories that could support your thesis statement or research question. You should divide this part of the paper into short paragraphs and write the content in a way that the reader gets to understand your viewpoint and does not get confused. You must write this part of the paper using simple and understandable language, and there is no need to include sophisticated words or phrases.

The next step is to conclude the essay. You should write the conclusion part shortly and comprehensively. There is no need to write confusing things in this part of the essay; instead, you should restate the thesis statement and conclude everything in a way that the reader is urged to leave positive feedback. How to start an opinion paper? You should bear in mind that the conclusion of your opinion paper is as important as its introduction.

3. Editing

Once the writing process is complete, the next and one of the most important steps is to edit and proofread the essay. You should go back to the first paragraph and read the whole essay to its end. You should make sure that no grammatical or spelling errors are left behind and that the essay reads flawless and looks professional.

Finally, I’d like to say that you should avoid using passive voice or past tense until or unless there is a special requirement by your teacher. Some students write their opinion essays in the past tense, which is not good, so you should be writing it in the present tense and clarify everything to the reader until the end of the paper.


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