How to write an essay fast? Writing is an art, but not everyone can be an artist. It means some people may write papers or essays quickly and the others will take a lot of time. It is a common observation that native students, with excellent grammar and vocabulary, come up with better quality essays than non-native students. For the non-native it's more difficult to perform tasks as a result they pay to do homework. The same is the condition of native and non-native freelance writers.

how to write essay quickly

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If you are looking for tips on how to write my essay for me in an hour, then you should bear in mind the following things.

1. Time management

How to write an essay in 30 minutes? If this question is striking your mind, then you should learn how to manage your time. For example, if you have two essays due tomorrow, each with 500 to 600 words, then you should devote two to three hours to each essay depending on its complexity level. If you do not learn how to manage time, it will become really difficult for you to accomplish the task and this could leave a bad impression on the supervisor.

2. Understand the topic and questions

What is the topic of discussion? Are you familiar with the research question? There are times when students do not even know about the topic being assigned to them; the teacher is likely to give them a surprise so they should be ready to write a quality paper. This is possible only if they develop an understanding of the topic and know how to ask relevant questions to keep the target audience engaged.

3. Proper research

How to write an essay fast and easy? One of the major mistakes students do is that they do not do proper research and begin writing an essay. Eventually, they end up getting no or poor results. If you are having the same issue, then it is mandatory for you to dig deeper and collect relevant data from both offline and online resources. For example, you can get data from books, journals, and authentic web pages, and you need to make sure that the information you have collected is related to your topic.

4. Outlining

An easy way to write an essay is to prepare an outline. It should consist of only one page, and there is no need to mix multiple things at the same place. Try to make it look précised and concise. You must write the thesis statement on the top of the outline’s page so that the instructor gets to know what you are going to write in the paper.

5. Mark important sentences

While you are collecting data from multiple sources, you may forget what you had collected and how to make the best of your work. In order to avoid these problems, we suggest you mark all of the important sentences. For example, if a paragraph deems to be suitable and relevant to the subject, then you can highlight it with a yellow or blue color so that you can then paraphrase it and include in your own essay. How to write a long essay fast? If you mark important sentences or phrases on every page, then it will be easy for you to come up with high quality and top-notch essay in a short time.

6. Writing the rest

When important points have been marked and included in the paper, the next step is to spend only 40 percent of the time in extra writing. There is no need to complicate things as you can write short sentences and to the point paragraphs. You just have to ensure that what you write is related to the topic and that your essay looks flawless and professional.

7. Revision

The final step is to revise everything. You must read the essay from the top till its end and make sure every sentence is understandable and clear from a reader’s point of view. If you do not do so, then a significant number of errors can be spotted when the supervisor checks the paper, and this may lead you to face problems in the academic career.

In conclusion, we should remember a universally accepted rule that practice makes a man perfect. So students and writers should do practice and must write something every single day. If you do not write an essay or two once a while, then you may forget what to write and how to structure the paper when the exams approach. You do not have to wait for the supervisor’s approval to write something you like. Instead, you can write one topic or two based on your time table and requirements. This will allow you to become a successful and great citizen of tomorrow and the doors of endless opportunities will remain open for you.


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