Now that you’ve got your high school diploma, you may set your sights on earning a college degree. We guess you’ve already selected a college of your dream and are just one step away from getting into it. All that’s left to do is to write a fancy application essay that will impress your admission committee members. That’s where a good many applicants start stumbling and get overwhelmed with doubts and fears. The truth is a college application essay is different from standard academic essays you’re familiar with. The common mistake lots of students make is trying to stick to a traditional essay structure, which is an introduction with a thesis statement, a main body, and a summation section. Therefore, as soon as applicants learn that a college application essay cannot be written in a habitual way, they start panicking. They start to google frantically where it is possible to find an essay for sale online and bombard essay writing services with requests. If you’re also struggling to write a successful application paper, take a deep breath and stop beating your brains out right away. We’re going to help you compose a truly flawless application essay that will capture your genuine personality and reflect your uniqueness.

What Makes an Application Essay Special?

Since admission officers cannot meet each applicant in person, they rely on applicants’ essays to get to know them better. It’s meaningless to try to squeeze all your life into a 650-word essay, so be specific and tell about the most thrilling moments or life episodes that etched themselves deeply into your memory. We recommend that you pick on interesting life situation where you experienced epiphany, underwent spiritual catharsis, or was deeply disappointed. If you manage to explain who you are beyond your academic honors, test scores, and after-school activities, you’ll manage to breathe life into your application, which will substantially increase your chances of acceptance.

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Beautiful Mind by Marly Gallardo

Your application essay is your chance to show your real self, convey your background, share the plans for the future, and convince a college or university you’re applying to that you’ll be a valuable asset. Admission officers are very experienced specialists that can easily tell the difference between a truly genuine essay and an essay that merely aims to predict and comply with their expectations. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should share all your intimate thoughts and experiences, if you don’t feel like doing it.

Choose a Topic Carefully

Once you’re given a list of topics or questions for your admission essay, be sure to pick the prompt that resonates with you. If nothing catches your eye, don’t worry. Read the prompts over and over again until you finally select the topic that’s close to you. Ease yourself into the writing process. Read the selected question out loud to take in all in. Then, let it sink in before you finally spill out your thoughts and ideas onto paper.


It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of the brainstorming process during which the brightest, juiciest, and non-trivial ideas are generated. Sift through ideas to come up with something truly exceptional and impressive. Draw from your experiences or event that forged your character or personality. Think about what makes you unique and what makes you stand out.

You may do some free writing. Write down all the thoughts and ideas that come to our mind. Then, narrow down the options. Select the ideas or concepts you can develop further in your paper. Also, be attentive to details, develop your unique voice, and get ready to captivate your readers with an engaging narrative.


Map out what you’re intending to tell your audience in the essay. Plan the layout of your paper and then create your rough draft. Read it to figure out what sections needs editing or expanding on some ideas. Once you get down to writing your final draft, make sure your story has a beginning, body, and conclusion. Avoid clichéd and generic phrases used in mediocre writings. Vivify your narrative with figurative language, apt quotations, interesting facts, and anecdotes.


Even the most experienced authors with brilliant writing and grammar skills cannot produce a truly impeccable work if they don’t proofread what they have created. The same goes for your application essay. If you want to make your essay perfect, let it sit for a while. Chill out and divert your mind from the writing process. After some time passes, take a fresh look at your essay. Check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and stylistic error. Don’t rely solely on your spell checker. Steer clear from using slang, abbreviations, and contractions. It’s academic writing, after all. Also, it’s a good idea to have a knowledgeable person or two read your essay. It can be your mentor or a person whose authority is unquestionable to you. An outside opinion can be very important for improving your essay and making it clear to any audience.


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