Whether you use Zoom for work meetings or other collaborative get-togethers, there are many ways you can get creative and make your Zoom meetings more fun. Here are five fantastic ideas for you to consider.

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illustration by by Dipa Inhouse

Look Younger in Your Zoom Meetings

You don’t need to drink from the fountain of youth to look ten years younger. With Zoom, all it takes is one click. By using the Touch Up My Appearance tool, you get an instant facelift. You will find the tool under “Preferences” and then “Video.” The tool gets rid of any skin blemishes or bags under the eyes, so it is ideal for looking fresh when you have a Zoom meeting first thing in the morning. But the Touch Up My Appearance tool can also simply be a lot of fun. Why not get all of your colleagues to use it at the same time so that you can all look young and beautiful together?

Create Any Kind of Background You Want

One of the greatest ways to have fun with Zoom meetings is to use virtual backgrounds. With the aid of green screen technology, you can place whatever background you like behind you. Although Zoom includes several default images to use as backgrounds, they are limited. If you really want to have fun with this tech, you can find Zoom meeting backgrounds from a third-party site. This means you can choose from hundreds of creative image and video backgrounds. You could choose to have a background like a famous city skyline or a beautiful home interior. Or for more fun ideas, you could have a picture of outer space or a Tyrannosaurus Rex who looks like he is about to bite your head off. The options are almost endless!

Hold a Talent Contest

You can have fun with Zoom meetings without using digital tools like Touch Up My Appearance and virtual backgrounds. To make a Zoom meeting really fun, hold a talent show. If you and your colleagues are working from home, it can be challenging to have the same kind of banter over a computer screen that you would have in a real-life office environment. So, host a talent show! It’s a great way of creating a positive vibe among people, bonding with others, and simply having a laugh. Everyone has some kind of talent, so encourage all sorts of performances. Someone could create a drawing or give a ten-minute cooking class as much as they could sing or do impersonations. Get everyone to dress up as well, and you will all have tons of cabaret-collaboration fun.

Wear Fancy Dress

The enjoyment level of meetings can be spruced up by introducing a novelty element. For example, everyone at the meeting could wear crazy homemade hats or even full fancy-dress costumes. Choose a theme that has some meaning to you and your colleagues, and you will have even more fun. For instance, if you all love sci-fi movies, you could dress up as aliens. Or you could make a work topic into a fun dress-up theme. Getting creative with ideas is the key to pulling this one off and having a good time.

Hit the Record Button

Zoom enables you to record a meeting and store it in the cloud or to your computer. So, don’t forget to hit the record button when you are holding a specific fun meeting. Whether you decide to dress up in fancy-dress, hold a memorable talent contest, or use fun virtual backgrounds that are sure to be a talking point for many meetings to come, you will want to ensure you have a record.


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