Anyone reading this can be successful in business. Sometimes you never know where you'll find that extra step or when you'll get the nugget you need to explode your business. Everyone reading this has the potential to earn six figures and beyond in their company. The question is, "Are you willing to pay the price it takes to get there?"

Work With Who Deserves Your Time Not Who Need It

Certain people are worthy of your time, and certain people are not righteous. Some people call you all the time and want to ask you every single question, yet they are not going to the meetings, training, or calling you for three-way calls. You look at your production, and they are not doing anything, and they make every excuse under the sun why they can't attend these events. This might be harsh, but it's setting a standard. You need to recruit new employees.

Let your people know that if they want to be included, you have to do what the involved people do. If they're going to be involved, show up to the events, meetings, and conventions. It would help if you worked with people who don't need you. Run with the runners! As a friend of mine said, "It's easier to run a hundred-yard dash with a hundred people than to drag one person on your back."

how to be successful in business

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These are five leadership skills ideas to help you create synergy within your organization.

Create a Spirit of Competition on Your Team

Stimulate and inspire a spirit of competition on your team by having contests. We call this cooperatively competing within your organization. Look within your organization to see who's the most competitive.

Here are some ways to enhance your competition. For example:

Who's going to do the most sit-downs?

How can you find the top creative staffing firms?

Who's going to do the most at home parties?

Find a way to do this, but it will be a huge boost, and when this happens, everyone benefits, and you build a level of synergy on your team.

Make Sure You Stay On Top of Your Teams Production

In most organizations, your business tends to take a life of its own when you have anywhere between eighty to one hundred active associates. Realize that you will have people who will quit or stop their auto-ship, but as a leader, you must know where the production is coming from while you are in the process.

For example, I sometimes have people who call me and say that they have 30 associates and a hundred seems so far away. I encourage them to keep going. What if it took three years to get a hundred active associates? Wouldn't it be worth it to develop a secondary stream of income, which could eventually replace working a job for thirty years? Find out who possibly might need help to reach their individual goals. Make sure you track and follow your numbers every day.

Create a Culture of Urgency

What type of urgency are you creating in your organization? How many days are left to qualify for a contest that your company is having? How fast can you get to the next level up on the pay plan? How quickly can you set up your home meeting? How many days left to get your membership counters in before the end of the month? Ask your team members what they are doing to get it done and how soon they can get their appointments set up. Make this a part of your team culture that you get things done quickly.

Create Expectancy From Your People

Expect a level of sacrifice from your people. Why? Because you are also making sacrifices. After all, as a team, you are all on a journey towards financial independence and prosperity. The process of who you are becoming in the process makes the trip most exciting. Many times we've heard stories about people sleeping in their cars, eating peanut butter and jelly, and five people in a room when they went to their company's convention. They made these sacrifices with the attitude of "I WILL UNTIL" and persisted till they achieved success in their company.

In closing, by implementing these steps, you can grow and inspire your team. The money will be worth all the work you put into it.


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