Making your ICO white paper will take time, but it’s very useful in the long run. Learn what important sections you need to include so that your project is successful!

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What is a White Paper?

An ico white paper is a detailed report on your project and its goals. Some of the best cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple have made white papers, meaning that they do have some importance in helping teams get funding.

Here, we’ll show the most commonly used sections that need to be included in your paper. Each section has to be thoroughly written so that your readers can understand your end goal. If done correctly, you’ll have new capital to help you reach your project goals!

So, let’s start!

Project Outline

Before you explain in detail what your project is about, a project outline gives your readers a quick synopsis of it. In this section, you’ll want to make it catchy and unique. Doing so allows the reader to stay interested in the project and have a reason to find out what you’ll provide.

Basically, you want to discuss the problem that's within the current market. It can be from any industry (real estate, financial, creative, medical, etc.). Your outline needs to show why the world needs your product and emphasize with your reader's pain.

Create a Solution

What separates a good white paper to a great white paper is the ability to craft a good solution. While you can make something as simple as "Our project is attempting to be the next Bitcoin," understand that this isn't unique.

You want your project solution to tell a story and also detail what you bring to the table. Keeping it unique helps you stand out from the competition and keep your readers onboard. When making a solution, make sure that it clearly addresses the problem and how your team plans on fixing it effectively.


Every project has a good team behind it. So why don’t you let your readers know who is working on it? Here, you need to detail everyone that’s working on your project. From the CEO to the junior developer, everyone that has a hand in making your project successful should be listed and noted.

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If anyone on your team has worked on previous successful ICO projects, make a note of that and place it on the white paper.

Token Information

You have to outline how the tokens will be distributed in this section. Explain everything from the pre-sale ICO bonus, bounty rewards, and the token sale bonuses. For your bounty section, hire someone that can successfully run the campaign as it will create a lot of advertising on a myriad of social media accounts.

If you’re planning on buying the tokens for burning, discuss it here. Each detail of your project regarding token usage needs to be discussed. Don’t leave any part black as you’ll lose credibility and ICO investors will want to know this information. It’s better that the information comes from you than a third party source.

Don’t miss out any information because if you investors believe that you’re falsifying information or don’t know what you’re talking about, you’ll miss investments from a lot of people.


To conclude, an ico white paper shouldn’t be something you make within a day. It will take time, dedication, and accurate information so that the paper can appeal to a wide audience. When making it, make sure that everything is detailed and outline so that there’s no room for misconception.

If successful, you’ll notice more people getting onboard with your project. But you’ll have to deliver the results to increase the chances of investors working with your future projects.


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