As regular readers of this blog will know, we’re all about creativity here. We love seeing how much of an impact creativity can have on the world in so many different ways.

Staying on that topic, we’re taking a look at creativity and business today. We’ve written a few other articles that talk about these two things together before, but today’s piece is a little bit different. We’re going to have a look at how your business can, and should, harness the power of creativity to see dramatic improvements in overall performance.

Specifically, we want to show you some ideas that demand great creativity and can impact your business. If you want to start improving your business, then carry on reading to find out more:

Develop A Mobile App

Mobile apps are very popular in modern business, and they demand a great deal of creativity if you want to develop them correctly. To do this, you have several options; try and build the app yourself with your team, go out and find app building software that makes things easier, or hire developers specifically for this cause.

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Each idea has its pros and cons. Trying to develop it on your own with your team can be hard if none of you know the first thing about app building. But, you can always learn new ideas and techniques by reading online articles, taking training courses, etc. Doing everything yourself saves money, but it may take more time.

If you find app building software, then you can reduce the time it takes to develop an app, but you will, naturally, have to spend more money. This is also known as outsourcing as you usually find companies with the software and talent available to do this for you. Likewise, if you hire your own staff you will spend the most money, but you also have more control than outsourcing, and it can take the least time.

Regardless, put creative minds together and come up with a mobile app for your business. Not only will this showcase your creativity, but it will also help you tap into the mobile market and branch out to new customers. Furthermore, apps make things easier for consumers, which helps you provide a better customer experience.

Creative Content Writing

Content writing is an essential part of your business’ marketing strategy. Well, it should be! If you aren’t paying attention to content writing, then you need to change that immediately. Put simply, this doesn’t just refer to blog posts, it refers to all the content produced and written on your website and other web channels. This includes the standard welcome text on your site and the tweets you put out on social media.

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You need to harness the power of creativity to produce the best and most creative content you can. There’s no reason you can’t do this yourself. You just have to do some research and figure out what makes content good or bad. But, if you don’t have time to write everything yourself, then you can hire content writers and content creators that will easily do things for you if you tell them what needs doing.

The benefit of creative content writing is that you can captivate your audience. Your content can draw people in and help keep them on a web page or convince them to click ‘follow’ on your social media accounts. If you’re pumping out the same bland and boring content all the time, no one will be interested. The content on your website needs to be kept up to date, and you should never drag text out for too long. Keep information concise, and only talk about stuff consumers need to know about, don’t go off on tangents.

You should also start a business blog to let your creative juices flow even more. Once again, this is a great way of captivating your audience and drawing them in. Likewise, the content you produce on social media needs to be a combination of entertaining and informative. Make people want to like your tweets of Facebook statuses, this helps increase engagement.

Start Making Videos

In this day and age, videos are a brilliant tool that businesses can use to their advantage. Not only that, but they’re a fantastic way to harness your creativity. Make no mistake about it, web content and blogs are massively important forms of content. However, to upgrade your content strategy, you need to use visual content too. The best way to do this is by making videos.

create video clips

What’s brilliant about this is that anyone can make a video if they’re creative enough. All you need is a good video camera, a good microphone, and some editing skills. Two of those things you pretty much get with any top-of-the-range smartphone these days. The third you can learn by following tutorials online - simple. Now, you can film videos for your business that help inform and entertain viewers. A good example is a fashion business filming videos with people showing off the newest clothes trends or showing people how best to wear a particular item of clothing. Then, you can do something simple like an office tour or intro video to tell people more about your business.

You don’t even have to get in front of the camera yourself, there are other ways of producing video content. Hire animation specialist to put together animated content that someone talks over. You see these things all the time from marketing businesses as they have animated images on-screen showing stats and figures while someone speaks over the images explaining everything.

The bottom line is, videos are a creative way of bringing in an audience and helping you gain more customers.

All in all, you can harness the power of creativity in so many different ways. These are just three examples, but they’re the best examples. They will help you improve your marketing efforts, find more customers, and also enhance the reputation of your business. If you want to make your business better, you need to start being creative.


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