From the beginning of time, mankind has created that which defies imagination. The creativity of even the most ancient and primitive cultures can inspire one to better their own works of art. With today's technology, art has once again transcended to a new sphere. The digital age brings us so many ways to create, the possibilities are limitless. That doesn't mean that we should forget the masters of the past as we learn from them and build upon what they have achieved.


There are two kinds of artists, those who come by it naturally and those who study for years to attain success. Traveling abroad, to see the great works of art around the world, is one way to advance your own art. However, you have to be financially prepared before you go abroad.

There is more to it than to just save up the money and go. There are a million little details that can make or break your trip. From your passport and travel visa, to your banking and credit card, you have to make sure that they are all in order. Take your bank for instance. Many banks don't even operate abroad, and of those that do, most charge you exorbitant fees for foreign transactions. Consult with your bank before you travel and make sure what their policy is. You don't want to pay twice the price for that print of the Mona Lisa when you visit the Louvre.


Be as creative with your finances as you are with your art. Find the best credit card for miles to use while traveling. You will appreciate the rewards from using the card in the end. A no hassle card will give you rewards for anything you pay for gas, hotels etc... and try not to carry too much cash on hand. Take only what you need for the day, just in case you have your wallet or purse stolen from you. You will enjoy Michael Angelo's great works in the Sistine Chapel much more knowing that you are protected financially.


Visiting other countries to see the great works is one of the most enlightening trips you will ever take. From sculpture and architecture, to paintings and fresco's, the awe inspiring art will take your breath away. You will be steeped in history, and feel the past as it collides with the present. Each culture with it's own personality will enchant even the most discriminating of tourist.


Don't forget the food. The culinary arts are just as miraculous. When traveling, make sure to taste a wide variety of cuisine in each city as well as country. We all know that McDonald's is available everywhere, but try something new for a change. That is why you are traveling after all, to see and experience something new. Make an itinerary of what you are going to see. There are some really great things to see that are off the beaten track, like primitive cave art.

I promise that you won't regret it.


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