Are you a beginner or experienced software developer looking to make it big? If that’s a resounding yes, you’ll love today’s article. We offer you exactly what you need to become a successful software developer, whether you’re starting out or already hold a job.

Software development is all about creating software – from operating systems to games and mobile apps, among other things. Software developers usually plan, design and code software on a daily basis. It’s the perfect career for creative people with analytical skills.

Software developers work in many different settings. You can work independently (like the guy who created the hit game, Flappy Bird), or work for a tech giant such as Microsoft and Google among others. The job is challenging, yes, but also exciting and lucrative.

Software developers make an average salary of $103,620 per annum. Some freelancers, such as Dong Nguyen, reportedly makes about $50,000 per day from Flappy Bird. Not bad, especially for an industry that has a bright future.

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We say this because software is taking over the world as we become increasingly digital. There is a huge demand for software developers, and you can expect more job openings in the future. Many beginners usually get a great job within months after leaving school.

That being said, how can you become a successful software developer?

Best Tips to Becoming a Successful Software Developer

The following tips apply mainly to the software development crowd, but we’re pretty sure they’ll come in handy for other professions too. All in all, let us make you a successful software developer.

Earn a Degree

While you can get a job in software development with self-taught skills and experience, you cannot discount the value of formal education. After all, most employers require a degree in a field such as software development, mathematics or computer science.

A [degree] in software development can help aspiring software development professionals develop the skills needed to establish a career in this dynamic and exciting field. Whether you’re interested in video game development, UX design, development and operations, or network security, there are a multitude of exciting software development careers to pursue following the completion of a [degree] in software development.

A formal degree offers you theoretical and practical skills that will greatly improve your odds of landing that dream job. Whether you’re starting out or transitioning from a different career, a degree offers you the knowledge, skills and clout to shine in software development.

Begin Programming to Gain Experience

Practice makes perfect. If you want to become successful as a software developer, you must eat, breath and drink code every day. Holding a degree in software development is great, but you need practice to internalize the knowledge and understand how software works.

Begin practicing as soon as you can, even if you’re still in school studying to become a software developer. It’s an art, software development, and the more you practice, the better you become. You can start by reading code by other developers, and then try to add a feature or improve on the code.

One great way to gain experience is to build software on your own. Remember that idea that has been at the back of your head for eons? Great, put your skills to the test by building it. Build the program, and when it’s done and working, use it as part of your repertoire. Share it with the world too.

If that’s a tall order, get an internship. Many software developers start working as interns to gain relevant experience. Over time, an internship offers you hands-on experience that will definitely help you become a better software developer. Usually, it’s easier to get internship positions than a full-time job.

Other than that, you can contribute to open source projects on your spare time. You can frequent platforms such as GitHub, and offer your skills. You can gain experience by collaborating with other developers. There are many open source projects on the internet, meaning you’ll have a field day.

Keep Learning

Software development is a rapidly changing field, meaning what was hot a few years ago, is probably stale today. To stay ahead of the competition, you must keep learning. There are many free and paid resources online. A simple Google search can help you find a lot of great software development blogs.

Bonus Tips:

On top of the above tips:

  • Network with other software developers and join communities such as GitHub among others
  • Showcase your work on your website or software development communities to target employers who are actively looking for candidates


Becoming a successful software developer takes a lot of work. You have to invest time in learning and practice. Other than that, you must remain passionate enough to overcome setbacks. Mostly though, you will have a lot of fun as a software developer.

If you have questions or additional tips to share, please don’t hold back; our comment section is always open.


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