Celeste_gunmetal_monoIf you are in search for a stand-out, minimalistic and beautiful crafted wrist watch, we really recommend the ZIIIRO watches. As soon as we laid our eyes on this collection of watches, it was love at first sight. The guys at ZIIIRO sent over the Celeste Gunmetal model to us and we were really excited to review this stylish and unconventional watch. This is probably the most uniquely designed watch I have ever seen, this line of watches is anything but conventional.

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It's a little hard to interpret at first glance, the Celeste features an unconventional way of reading time by eliminating traditional hands or markings, there are no numbers to be found, instead you'll have to look at the subtle corresponding notches made in the Celeste's stainless steel casing which are positioned accurately. The gray one tells you the hour while the blue indicated minutes. The two transparent discs that overlap one another, each discs have a gradient that causes an array of stylish blue and grey. The combination of these two rings creates a striking effect that is very pleasant to look at. This unique gradient swirling watch face design is what makes Ziiiro watches so different from all the rest.


The watch had arrived in an attractive clear plastic case, with the Celeste peeking through. You can get the mono design in either black or gunmetal (which is the one featured in this review). The coloured design comes in gunmetal or chrome. You'll also find a simple to understand user manual that'll show you how to use the Celeste's swirl time face, how to adjust the time and mesh strap with detailed graphics. You have to feel the watch and wear it on the wrist to understand the details and craftsmanship that went on in making this timepiece.


The Celeste shows you the time in an elegant and visually pleasing manner, and the technology used is actually quite simple.

I'm very glad that there is a watch with great design and functionality, simple enough to appreciate the features and designs without unnecessary distractions. The designs of the Celeste watches are bold and innovative. Ziiiro is able to produce watches that are stylish and fascinating at a very affordable price. At €149 it may be relatively inexpensive compared to other designer brands, ZIIIRO doesn't let down. You can purchase through ZIIIRO’s online store.


The stainless steel strap feels very comfortable against the skin, give the Celeste a gentle touch of elegance and uniqueness. The bracelet is made of stainless steel mesh and features a hook-on clasp, and it should fit any wrist, it’s adjustable simply by shifting the position of the buckle on the bracelet. You are sure to turn heads when walking with a Ziiiro watch on your wrist.


In conclusion

The Ziiiro Celeste watches are truly one of a kind, is one of the simplest and most modern watches i've come across, it sure is a unique stylish timepiece. The build is great, the design is absolutely amazing, and since getting the watch I have had nothing accept nice comments about how unique and clever it is. The beautiful and unique style of this watch will definitely attract many looks and appreciations, it will no doubt start conversations with anybody who notices it.

As you can probably tell by now, I'm completely sold on the watch.

I absolutely love it.


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