When it comes to graphic design, the internet has tons of options. There are these free websites which provide templates you can personalize by adding or removing several elements. But not all of them end up giving you the best results, that’s why I prefer a real graphic designer to work on the logo for one of my recent website projects.

However, my problem with graphic designers was: they could be very expensive. So I returned to the internet and came across a platform called Gaekon.com which promised they would give me the logo design I wanted in several days for at least $100.

And that wasn’t pricey? To me, it was. I thought that spending hundreds of bucks on a logo design was a little too much. But I shelled out $250 and tried Gaekon anyway because:

1. I’d have tens of designers work for me

When I first visited Gaekon.com as a customer and heard that my logo would be tailor-made by dozens of designers from all around the world, referred to as Gaekoners by the site, I felt special. All I had to do was writing my brief clearly. So I described what I wanted my logo to look like and included some pictures for references. Just like that and I started my contest.

2. It sounded like Gaekon would save my time

Up until now, I couldn’t imagine how much time and energy I would have spent had I never found Gaekon. Without having to leave my house or halt whatever I was doing, I got around 20 designs in 7 days. And I had lots of fun picking the finalists afterwards.

Most of the designs submitted to me were excellent. It was surprising to see how each designer brought my vision to reality. In the end, I felt terrible that I only got to choose one winner because I would definitely choose four or five more designs to be the winners if the system allowed me to.

3. It offered unlimited revisions

When I picked my winning design, I wasn’t sure if I needed to do revisions to it. But I wanted to try Gaekon’s unlimited revisions feature, so I decided to make some changes. Insignificant changes, of course. But it proved that Gaekon was indeed willing to do as many revisions as I wanted.

4. It also offered 100% Money back guarantee

This was the main reason why I tried Gaekon, honestly. Because they promised to give me back all my money if I couldn’t get the design I wanted. It meant, I would get my $250 back if I wasn’t satisfied with the results of my contest in any way. To me, it’s a great deal. “Why would I lose my precious money for something I don’t even want?” so I thought at the time. But fortunately, I didn’t need Gaekon to return my money.

While I’m quite happy with the design I got from them, I can’t say that I didn’t have difficulties using Gaekon. I did have problem writing a good brief, especially because I myself initially had no idea what I wanted my logo to be like.

And I was worried whether or not Gaekon was trustworthy, because there weren’t too many people launching contests in the platform when I launched mine. But I realized that Gaekon was still new, so it would take some time before people became aware of the brand and could leave their design problem to it.

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The other problem with Gaekon was the site’s only available in English. I didn’t really have trouble with it, but I knew that thousands or probably millions of people in non English-speaking countries would. I think it’s good if Gaekon’s site is available in other languages as well.

The negative points aside, I highly recommend Gaekon for everyone. If you don’t need specific design at the moment, you can visit their blog which I also find interesting. If you just started a business, they have many tips about how you can make it bigger and more successful. If you’re a designer, they have many tutorials to make your work easier. If you have some time to kill, they have various up-to-date articles about entertainment, lifestyle and more.


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