Losing weight is difficult whether you're trying to shed 10 pounds or 100. For those who haven't exercised in years or ever followed a fitness routine, motivation tends to be high in the early days but slowly dwindle. By the end of your first month or even your first week, you might be feeling discouraged and wondering whether it's even worth it to keep forcing yourself to move when you don't see any results. Know that it's normal for weight loss journeys to fluctuate; you might have one period where you drop pounds fast and another where everything stays put. This doesn't mean your workouts are in vain or that you should only exercise when you're guaranteed to see an immediate change. Fitness progress takes time. To help you stay inspired, here are some motivational tips and advice.

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Exercise When It Works for You

You might never be the type of person to wake up and go for a job at 5 AM, and that's okay. Some prefer to work out after a long day as it helps them distress and prepare for bed. You can also squeeze exercise in throughout the day if you find it hard to keep going for 30 minutes straight. Do desk exercises, chair and couch workouts. Yoga stretches while you wait for coffee to brew in the morning count, too. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to exercise for 30 minutes or not at all. Every second, every rep, every movement counts toward your goal.

Get Outside if You Feel Bored Indoors

Not everyone likes to work out with a YouTube video or on a machine. Let's face it, the treadmill gets pretty tedious after a while. Why not look into other outdoor options like an ebike? These versatile bicycles have pedal assist technology that can burn serious calories in an hour, and throttle on demand is convenient when you are feeling the burn and ready to give your muscles a rest. You can also head outside for a walk, take the kids out to play or just do some yoga in the backyard. To burn some extra calories, take a five-minute walk outside at the start and end of a workout.


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Give Yourself a Break

It's okay to miss a day or end a workout routine five minutes early. Sometimes, you might find yourself just standing in place while the instructor on your fitness video gives it their all. Every day isn't going to be packed to the brim with energy and sometimes you just need to do what you're capable of and accept that as being enough. What you shouldn't do is punish yourself for slacking off by allowing yourself to make even bigger backslides. This means avoiding the temptation to go grab dinner at the drive-thru because you had a bag of chips at lunch and ruined your diet anyway.

Find Friends to Help

Friends and family can make your weight-loss journey more fun. They hold you accountable, keep you active and can offer much-needed encouragement when you want to throw in the towel. If you let other people in, it also becomes easier to push through tough moments and avoid becoming quickly unmotivated. Let others build you up and push you forward.


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