With advanced technology, communication has become a lot easier. But these smartphones have acted both as a boon and a bane by simplifying work from home or taking online classes. To complicate relationships as everybody is on their phone and doesn't want to interact in real life.

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illustration by Miguel Camacho

Games like photo puzzles would be a great help, to relive the good old days, to communicate and understand each other. Photo puzzles are not just a source of entertainment, which connects friends, family, and teammates. But also a way to train our mind, in working better.

How photo puzzles help us to grow?


You can select the picture of your favorite trip so that you'll have a great game ready for your family during snack time.

In the process of solving photo puzzles, your focusing capability increases. When you try to find the right piece of the photo, your mind also trains you to be better at problem-solving.

You tend to focus effectively on things that you enjoy doing. Developing a habit of concentrating while playing a game will help you in the long run.

Working efficiency

Solving photo puzzles teaches you to be calm and composed. Suppose you choose hard pictures for yourself to solve. You'll realize your mind is developing.

Photo puzzles will help to be more creative. And train you to come up with better strategies while solving it. And also, in other aspects of life. With a better mind, better focus, you automatically work efficiently.


Suppose you are hating that your family has almost stopped talking to each other with the advent of technology and the internet. They either stay busy working, studying, gaming, or just surfing all the time. Then, photo puzzles are ideal for you. They would act as a great source of reconnection.

They are also a great option to teach your employees the value of teamwork if your team members face issues while coming together to a decision.

If they often have clashes of opinions, photo puzzles can surely help them increase long-term teamwork and respect each other's views.


While finding the perfect piece of the puzzle, your concentration power increases. You tend to become good at remembering which piece you have already used and what needs to be done.

You can simply concentrate on one thing at a time. For instance, finding the right piece. Your mind will cultivate a habit to do so in the future as well. It can be a great source of meditation.

Increased memory

By learning how to concentrate better, your mind will be trained to memorize what it needs to be. It is often misunderstood that solving photo puzzles doesn't help in increasing long term memory.

While solving puzzles, you concentrate on a single thing for a short time. But, it doesn't work that way; your mind trains for remembering things for a longer time. It's the small steps that matter.

Though children learn things quickly, photo puzzles help everyone despite the age factor.


Photo puzzles help develop a lot of patience. You might not get the right piece at the very start of the game.

But you'll definitely get it before the end of the game. It teaches you little lessons that are highly applicable in real life. Patience is one of them.

It would be an excellent game for cognitive development for children. To teach them, patience is the key to success.

Work till you find the right piece, and watch everything working smoothly.

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