As a creative, you will be used to suffering for your art. But when it comes to starting a business to do that very thing you love and enjoy, you might be surprised at how many challenges are in your way. In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at many of the common problems creatives face when they start a new business idea - and offer a few suggestions as to how to solve them. Let’s get started right away.

Finding your clients

Artistic industries are all about self-expression. But what happens when your self-expression doesn’t connect with an audience? Or if you can’t find the ideal customer that wants your work? One of the biggest challenges you will face as an artist, designer, or any other artistic business type is finding the clients who will support your business. So, think carefully about how you position yourself in whatever it is you are doing. Be prepared to take a more artisanal approach, too, rather than just doing what you think is best. There is room in every creative industry for new talent, but you need to fit a need if you want to enjoy any success.

Crunching the numbers

Let’s be honest, creative people aren’t always the best at working with the nuts and bolts of running a business. But without being able to crunch the numbers and make proper use of statistics and data, you are doomed to failure. There is help available, however. You might be able to hand over your online presence to a website design and branding agency who can help you find and entice your target market,. An accountant can help you keep on top of your finances. And a business analyst could point you in the right direction for expanding and growing your business. Make use of this kind of help, and you will find your business is in a stronger position than it was before.

Managing workload

As a creative, you want to be creating all the time. But a large part of any business involves a lot more than the fun stuff. You will need to be able to spend time on your marketing, managing projects, contacting customers and dealing with inquiries. You will have strict timeframes and deadlines to meet, collaborations to arrange, and basic admin duties to perform. All of this will eat into a lot of your time, and while help is at hand - with a virtual assistant, for example - it will still managing.

Managing ambition

As a creative, there will be part of you that wants to impress other artists and creative types. However, you need to be careful about going headlong down this route. The reality is that few creatives can succeed purely by impressing other creatives. Artistic businesses can become successful through winning awards, of course, but having these ideas as a sole focus for your business could be a huge mistake.

The wrap-up

Success can be achieved by creatives in any industry they choose. But if you plan to enjoy any success at all, you will need to place a large part of your focus into the business side of things. Failure to do so will mean you will soon find it virtually impossible to survive and thrive as a business.


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