What makes a title attractive? It’s a sentence or phrase that tells your audience what to expect from the whole piece below. But what makes a successful title, what are the things you should consider while writing your title?

Well, a good title has to be eye-catching, it should be short and sweet but should deliver your message with the right context. The title should be easy to read believable and most importantly, it should have an active voice.

 guide to curate a great title for your assignment

Writing Own Sales Script by Udhaya Chandran

Following, we will tell you how to polish your title without hiring a professional service, like pay for essay or thesis.

Leave it for Last

Yes, you may feel obliged to create the title first, but doing the opposite will be way better. The fact is, most writers don’t even start with their title. Yes, this possible you have a working title which lets you focus and development your argument.

However, writing the paper first gets you a clear idea of what to use in the title. Brainstorm about the title once you have written your essay and reread it multiple times. This way, you will know what to say and how to intrigue the audience.


Put your thesis to work. When you write a title, you must give the audience a reason to read your work. Therefore, the title should have something from the thesis statement you already gave in your introduction.

You need to concise the title and make it appear like it creates an argument. This will attract people towards your work.

Phrases and Cliché

It's time to get creative. Don’t be afraid to use catchphrases to make your title look attractive. When your phrase is amusing, or it creates a pun, it will attract the audiences. Don’t be afraid to re-work the cliché and add your element. You can adapt the cliché and quotes according to your topic.

Your Tone

Your title has to portray the tone of your assignment. This is an important element of creating the perfect title. Make sure the tone of your title and essay match.

Avoid using jargons and abbreviations at all.

Quote or Central Idea

Well, this isn’t the rule of thumb, but it comes in handy. You can feature a quote or a portion of it in your title. But only use them if they are relevant to your subject. You can go out of your way and insert a part of a song in it.

If your essay is about a book, take a part of a thought-provoking quote from that book, and put it in your title.

Sum up Your Essay

The title should encapsulate your whole assignment, but without giving too much away. Sum up the whole thing in three words, build a headline, put a colon and insert what your essay is about.

The success of your essay doesn’t depend on the argument you have developed. It doesn’t rely on the only your research, and writing, it depends on how well you sell it. Your title plays an important role in that.


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