The life of an entrepreneur is very demanding and is full of commitments, deadlines and other easements that are not easy to manage. Keep the documents in order and updated, keep abreast of the latest legislative changes and, in addition, take out enough time to manage the business are presented as tasks that can discourage anyone.

Here are 8 reasons to use a cloud billing program

1) Create invoices on the fly

It does not matter where you are anymore (and it's clear that you do not have to be always in the office). With billing software in the cloud you can make invoices from anywhere. You only need an internet connection. The benefits of a billing program do not end there. You can check in from your mobile phone or tablet, thanks to the apps for iOS and Android.

2) Reports always at your fingertips

Having an eye on how our business evolves is very important, as well as keeping up with all the movements of our billing and accounting. With a billing program, the main reports (the VAT model 303, the profit and loss account and the balance sheet) are generated automatically. In addition, you can always look back and compare two different periods.

billing program

Invoice Creator by Udhaya Chandran

3) Control of income and expenses and bank reconciliation

This point connects with the previous one: can an overview of income and expenses be maintained at any time? An invoice program allows you to do it automatically thanks to invoice templates, diagrams and charts always updated, as well as notifications and reports that show the status of payments of bills and expenses. In addition, the automatic bank reconciliation helps you to link each movement of your account with your corresponding income and expense invoice.

4) Calculate the benefits

In the list of invoices you can filter the results by state and period and see at a given moment the benefits of your activity and if there are pending payments. You can also print the history of invoices issued by customer to analyze your business relationship.

5) Save time

By automating the basic functions of billing and accounting, a billing program means time savings: from saving customer and supplier data to automatically inserting them into invoices and expenses until the rapid recording of expenses with OCR technology.

6) Up to date with the laws

A billing program is a guarantee that all your billing complies with the law. In addition, a billing program is more than just a program. Behind is a team of editors who watch not only to keep you updated on tax or billing news, but also provide you with other content that may interest you (blogs, freelance and small business guide, glossary, etc.)

7) Automated numerical series and error reduction

Word or Excel invoice templates, as well as other rudimentary invoice models, are a source of errors for any self-employed person or entrepreneur: invoice numbers that are duplicated, invoices that are forgotten and other calamities. The softwares to make invoices reduce this class of errors to the minimum expression, reason why one already can sleep more calm and to save frights with the treasury.

8) Organized and updated information

No more visits to Ikea in search of new shelves or more filing cabinets that later one does not find (or finds, but does not find what you are looking for inside). The information is stored in one place and, like the knowledge, does not take place.


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