The internet has done wonders for creativity. Everyone now carries around a device in their pockets in which they can snap a picture or share a thought with countless people at the touch of a button. There is no doubt that the technological revolution that has happened over the last few years has also unleashed a whole new wave of creative business people. In today’s world, people are now able to start a company using just a laptop and decent WiFi connection and they can achieve incredible things.

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A whole host of jobs now exist that would not have been possible even a few years ago. Within this article, we will take a look at six different types of creative entrepreneur who have capitalised on the advance of technology. Though there are countless others who may not fit neatly into one of these categories, this at least gives an overview of the creative entrepreneurs that are now plying their trade. Who knows, at the end of this article, you may be inspired to follow one of these different paths yourself.

The Teacher

The internet is the biggest source of information collected in one place in human history. This means that people have more opportunity than ever to share their wisdom - and profit from it. Teaching may come in the form of a blog in which technical problems are solved or useful pieces of advice are shared. People come to blogs looking for advice in particular areas, and if they are able to use the information they have been given in their daily lives, they are much more likely to come back time and time again.

Teachers may have a YouTube channel that offers a visual demonstration of how to overcome a particular challenge. Like blogging, people need to experience successful results from the advice they are given before they place their trust in a particular area.

Many people start off in this field giving out free pieces of information to build up a following before selling their services through ebooks, courses or workshops. With so many people out there all offering to share the benefit of their knowledge, it is all about building up that initial sense of trust. But if you are an expert in a particular field, you may well find that people are willing to pay to benefit from the advice that you have to offer.

The Freelancer

More and more creative people have decided to become freelancers as it gives them the freedom to choose their own working hours and what kind of projects they work on. Some of the most common freelancer roles include copywriting, graphic design, web design and photography. The internet has allowed people to build up a personal brand for themselves, market their businesses and offer their services directly. Again, this all involves building up a following and people who put their trust in them, utilising social media, SEO and digital advertising. There are also platforms out there that allow freelancers to bid for specific jobs that are being advertised.

Ultimately, a lot of these roles have been created directly because of the internet and its insatiable demand for content on a regular basis. Both individual and companies are benefitting from the freelancing revolution as businesses can cut their costs while freelancers can get the freedom and flexibility they are looking for. As time goes on, more jobs are likely to be done on a freelance basis.

The Maker

Makers or artists will produce creative goods which they can sell using the internet. These goods can take a whole range of different forms including clothing, jewellery, paintings, pottery, perfume and greetings cards to name a few. People are often on the lookout for individually handcrafted items which is where this market has sprung up from. And the internet has provided the perfect platform to set up an online store and build up a following of people who are interested in each individual sector. Another option is to wholesale these goods directly to other bigger retailers who can then go on to sell them on their own.

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Success comes from carving out a niche and appealing to a group of people - and of course having the talent to create goods that people are interested in purchasing. Again, this is where building up a strong brand is so important as this is what people will come to associate with your business.

The Entertainer

One of the main reasons that people use the internet is to find entertainment, and there are a whole range of creative entrepreneurs who are offering this to people in a variety of different formats. Just some of the different options include podcasts, YouTube videos, music, blogs and photography. People are now able to simply take a video on their smartphone, share it online and see the response they get. Consider that some of the biggest apps and websites have entertainment right at their core. For example, apps like Instagram are designed to encourage creativity from its followers, but then there are also entrepreneurs who have made their name using this type of platform alone.

Entertainers can generate revenue in a number of different forms including advertising and company endorsements. They can also bring in money from direct sales from tickets and promotional items. Again, success comes from building up a group of followers who enjoy what they have created and want to see more of it. Many people who start off in a creative field like music or comedy use the internet to share what they have created to generate a following before taking their shows live. As entertainment is one of the main functions of the internet, there is always room for new people to get involved.

The Mentor

The mentor works in fairly similar ways to the teacher - they build up a following using their wisdom and experience - but they tend to work with people on an individual basis to creatively solve specific problems that they are having. They often work with business people who are looking to launch a new product, grow their company or target a new set of customers. The internet has allowed these kinds of sessions to take place over Skype, meaning that distance is no longer a factor and people from across the other side of the world can come together to share their ideas and benefit from the wisdom of others. The success of the mentor all depends on how successful the individuals with whom they work turn out to be. They can then develop a following using recommendations, referrals and testimonials. Good mentors empower their clients with the creative solutions that they provide and encourage them to achieve bigger and better things.

The Problem Solver

In essence, all entrepreneurs take a particular problem that people are having and come up with a way of solving it. But the internet has allowed people to do this on a much greater scale. For example, one of the most wildly successful apps of the last few years Uber took the problem of transportation and simplified it. The rise of the smartphone means that people are always looking for ways that they can cut corners and do things easier. Creative entrepreneurs have realised this and come up with ways to solve problems that people are having. Ultimately, people only need that one great creative idea to begin with that will allow them to reach a market of million and millions of people.

The Retailer

Retailers set up their own stores from which to buy and sell what others are producing. In order to do well in this particular area, you need to have a great knowledge of a particular type of product and be able to spot gaps in the market that you can fill. There is a balance to be struck between buying products for the right price and selling them on to customers. Their creativity comes from creating a strong brand for themselves and collecting and arranging products that stay consistent with the image that they have set up for themselves. Success comes from having that natural ability to hit a target market with exactly what they are looking for.

These seven types of creative internet entrepreneur cover the basics of how people are making money online using their creativity. With so many more opportunities that are available today that were never an option in the past, there is no doubt that the internet has provided an incredible platform for people to showcase their creativity and profit from it. As people become more reliant on the internet for both entertainment and information, this is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down anytime in the near future. After reading through these creative entrepreneur types, you may well have been inspired to get involved in one of these areas yourself.


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