Whether you are a newbie in photography or have been a photographer for years, there’s never an excuse to stop learning. The work is often solitary, the competition extremely stiff and the financial realities are downright difficult. More so if you’re just trying your luck in the industry for the first time. Moreover, the genre is also very confrontational and risky. To survive and stay relevant in the modern era, you’ll need to ensure that your photography and editing skills are a cut above the rest.

In this blog post, I’ve included 7 photography collective guides that’ll help you turn your photos into beautiful works of art.

fine art photography

The Fine Art Photography Vol. 1

There's more to photography than just taking a well-lit photograph. In this Fine Art Photography Collective Guide, you'll learn how to turn photography into a work of art. It is a gritty comprehensive guide that features 10 of the best photographers in the industry that talk about how to reach that special place where every photo is a work of art. And what goes on in their minds as they create photos. The interviews will also help you understand your own photography and how to transform your photos into a work of art.

art photography

The Fine Art Vol. 2

The Fine Art Collective Vol. 2 is just what you need if one volume in art photography isn’t enough for you. It includes 10 more renowned photographers at the forefront of making art with photography. You’ll read about some of the challenges that these fine art photographers have encountered in their photography journey and find ways to overcome your own day to day problems in the process.

creative photography

The Professional Portrait Photographers Vol. 1

If portraiture is something that you’ve always wanted to do then this guide is certainly something you want to read. The Professional Portrait Photographers collective is a gritty collection of images and conversations from 10 of the most accomplished photographers in the world of fashion and portrait photography. These photographers examine pretty much everything about portrait photography including the unknowables. From the interviews, you’ll discover tips and tricks to help improve your own portrait photography or find inspiration to help expand your work. Not to mention you’ll also learn 10 different portraiture approaches from which you can find inspiration to make your portrait photos masterpieces.

The Los Angeles Vol. 1

Doing a shoot in a new city is never easy. Every city has its dangers and fair share of challenges and if you’re new it's even harder. Luckily for you, we've got just what you need. A comprehensive guide of what Los Angeles photography is all about. You’ll also learn how to combine portrait with landscape techniques and how to find the best natural light to create immensely remarkable pieces of art. If you want to learn what it takes to make it in Los Angeles, then this is definitely one ebook you want to read.

landscape photography

The Best Landscape Photographers Vol. 1

If you've been a photographer for a while, then you probably know that landscape photography is downright challenging. Capturing the sensation of beauty and the elegance of the world although exciting can also be exasperating. Especially since you have to work with natural light which is well…. Sometimes hard to work with. In the Best Landscape Photographers Collective, you’ll get to learn actionable tips from photographers who understand the power of landscape, outdoor and cityscape photography and how to create brooding landscape photos every time.

Beauty Collective Vol. 1

The Beauty Collective includes interviews from 10 beauty photographers that talk about the best techniques and secrets to shooting glam photos. You’ll learn how to pose your models, create a creative photoshoot and how to retouch magazine covers and shoot celebrities.

street photography

The Street Photographer’s Vol. 1

Take it from me. This is one of the most brutally honest guides that you’re ever going to come across. So if you’re unsure about photography, then this is definitely not a guide you want to read. This gritty guide shows you the ins and out of how street photography is done and everything you need to know to make it in street photography. You’ll also get a little perspective about documenting with real life and how to work with natural light to create masterpieces. And probably the most important thing, how to communicate through ordinary moments.

Summing It Up

There are plenty of photography guides to get you started. So while photography is certainly no mean feat, the seven guides I have included in this blog post will help make things a lot easier.


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