An organized business is important for the small business owner who wants to position itself for future growth. Finding the right tools to facilitate this organization is sometimes difficult for small businesses that do not include large budgets for these tools. However, there are methods and tools available to every business owner that will fight disorganization without costing a large amount of money.

Go Paperless

A paperless office will reduce clutter and eliminate much of the time spent filing and managing documents. Getting rid of paper will also save office space by eliminating the need for the file cabinets that are needed to store files and folders. Digitizing these files will allow for the storage of the files in the cloud or on a server.

Optimize for Productivity

One key to business success is optimizing a work environment so that the goals you have for your company become achievable. Decluttering workspaces and storing items where they are most needed are age-old solutions that will always improve productivity. But many owners may be surprised to learn that adding a few plants to the workspace will also increase productivity. Studies show that worker productivity will increase by as much as 15 percent when greenery is present in the workspace.

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Label Software

Small business labeling software can increase the flexibility and efficiency options for small business owners in need of labeling solutions. These programs are designed with small businesses in mind and do not require a large IT team to operate and maintain. The best small business labeling software often includes barcode support, intelligent design templates, access for multiple users, and the ability to use multiple printers.

Manage Customer Support

Customer loyalty is the lifeblood of a small business. The time and resources necessary to ensure that customers feel happy and appreciated will pay dividends in the long run. Programs are available that will allow business owners to manage customer concerns effectively without spending so much time doing so that other areas of the business suffer. The best programs will provide the tools necessary to strengthen customer relationships without trying to automate the process.

Organize Passwords

Most people adhere to one of two philosophies when passwords are concerned. They either use the same password for all of their accounts, or they constantly reset the passwords that they no longer remember. Small business owners would do better to manage the passwords they need to remember through the use of an app. Some business owners find that the password storage features provided by some browsers do the trick, but a program designed specifically for this function offers more security.

Organize Desktop

A clean digital desktop is just as important to productivity as a decluttered physical desk. A good rule for business owners to keep is cleaning their desktop whenever they can't see the background. Owners should eliminate folders and links that are no longer needed. Owners can also free up space on the hard drive by cleaning files from the trash bin.

The Bottom Line

Small business owners who begin their business operations with an eye on organization will put themselves in a better position for success. This approach will not only help them better manage the many obstacles that occur in the early stages of business but will also prepare them for the growth they hope to experience in the future.


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