What are the best photography resources? The answer varies. One resource might work well for a novice, but not so well for a seasoned professional. So how do you know which photography resources are really best for you? You could spend all day researching photography resources on the Internet. But who has time for that?

You could take the recommendations of friends and colleagues. But just because something worked well for them doesn’t always mean it will work for you. Well, no need to worry, because we’ve done the research for you. Here are six photography resources that are great for any photographer, regardless of your budget or your level of experience.

2500+ Lightroom Presets In One Amazing Bundle

It’s everything you always wanted to do with Lightroom...and more.

Lightroom Presets In One Amazing Bundle

These 2500 presets are easy to use, compatible with MAC, Linux, or Windows computers. They work with RAW images as well as JPEGs. Another added bonus: they can be easily adjusted to any image size.

Among the fabulous effects included with this package are 600 Cinematic presets, 100 Winter presets, 186 Portrait presets...and far too many other categories to mention here.

What we loved the most about this package is the variety that it added to our repertoire. Thousands of effects were immediately at our fingertips, leaving us virtually no limit to what we could accomplish.

Photolemur (Lifetime Access)

This platform ambitiously touts itself as “the first photo enhancer with brains”...and as far as we can tell, it lives up to the title.

photo enhancer ai

Photolemur combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with a simplicity that makes it accessible to anyone.

It has a total of 12 powerful technologies, all of which are so intuitive, that it really does seem to do your thinking for you.

Some of our favorites include Sky Enhancement, Smart Dehaze, and Face Retouching.

It also includes some really cool features that make the use of this tool even simpler. For example, with Batch Update, we can edit multiple images at the same time. And Color Recovery restores colors in all their original vibrancy.

1000+ Unique Photo Overlays Bundle

Photoshop overlays can be a dream come true, or your worst nightmare.

Or sometimes they can be just plain boring.

photoshop overlay effects

Not so with this bundle. Each one of the 1045 overlays included in this package is dazzlingly original. Curly, Messy, and Elegance were some of our favorites among the ones we tried. But we can’t help but be intrigued by Light Circles, Carnival Storm, and Virus Injection...which we haven’t had time to check out yet.

We’re also thrilled that the bundle comes with an extended license, allowing us to access these effects as much as we want, for as long as we want.

And that’s great because, with this many effects, we certainly will never be bored.

As an added bonus, they’re delightfully easy to use and compatible with almost any kind of software or equipment.

500+ Hi-Res Photos & Textures from DreamyPixel

A picture is worth a thousand words...and nowhere is this more obvious than when it comes to your website.

The data is clear: photos lead to more likes, shares, and conversions.

hi res photo bundle

But not just any photos. The photos that will truly boost your website must be dramatic, high-resolution, with striking backgrounds. Who has time to go out and take them though?

If you’re using photography to boost your website, you’ll love this collection.

It comes with over 500 professional photos and textures, sorted into easy-to-use categories such as Mystic Forest, Hikers in Vast Landscapes, and Legendary Urban City.

A Fantastic Creative Photoshop Action Bundle

Are you using PhotoShop to its full potential? We hear you. We haven’t been either.

That’s why we love this bundle of PhotoShop actions, which gives us 25 stunning effects.

photoshop special effects

Not only are these effects super-original and creative, they are also user-friendly. We can apply them with just a few clicks.

We found each of these effects to be professional, unique, and just gorgeous.

We never thought we’d get so excited about the effect of brilliant, hot lava erupting around our subject, or of a subject’s edges dissolving into liquid form.

But such images are so surreal, so vivid, that they spark our creativity, giving rise to even more ideas that we never thought possible before.

Make Instagram Read Your Mind: The Intuitive Power Of Seriate Tool

best instagram planner

Like most people, we have sort of a love-hate relationship with social media platforms, Instagram included. We love being able to reach out to hundreds of fans and potential customers so effortlessly. But we also get easily consumed with posting, liking, and commenting.

That’s why we love Seriate. It uploads photos for you, posts automatically, even writes captions. It truly is intuitive enough to read your mind! It allows us to harness all the power of Instagram without all the stress.

No matter what your genre or level, these are the best photography resources to transform your craft and your workflow. Try out one or two of them and let us know how it goes!


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