We’ve all been there. You spend hours on end on a project and the one thing that’s missing is eye catching visuals. Of course, there is the option of using stock photography and we’re here to tell you that your quest for the perfect images will be easier with these simple tips.

Stock photography can be used for mockups which is extremely convenient when you need copyrighted content. With microstocks like Depositphotos, you don’t have to worry about the legal side of things.

Here’s what you can do to improve your search for visuals. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Start with a vision board

As with every creative pursuit, you have to give yourself space to brainstorm. Regardless of what type of project you’re working towards - keep your options open. This means gathering visuals that you think will be useful and editing your choices later on in the process.

You can start your search at Depositphotos and add images to your ‘Favourites’ tab to create a vision board that you can later alter to your preferences.

creaating a moodboard finding images for website

2. Say ‘no’ to cliches

One of the problems with stock photography is that you will stumble on common cliches. To avoid cliches, choose well lit photographs with models that look natural and aren’t posing or forcing a smile. You have to train your eye to filter through these options and choose images that are more authentic.

Looking for images on the topic of business and entrepreneurship? Here’s an example of a cliche and a better suggestion.

business stock photography depositphotos

Image credit: mindof (left), ridofranz (right)

3. Get creative with your images

One of the common misconceptions people have is that they have to use images as they are once they download them. Don’t limit your creativity. Once you purchase an image, you have the right to alter the composition and crop it in any way that you like. This will give you more creative power and ultimately make for more unique content.

cropping images creatively

Image credit: naufalmq

4. Stay on top of trends

Although stock photography trends have not been released for next year, you can safely rely on some of our predictions. The themes and topics that a will be in demand include minimalism, storytelling visuals, bold and bright photographs, flat lay design and candid photography.

people collage

Image credit: KrisCole (top left), dinabelenko (top right), Mignon (bottom left), mimagephotos (bottom right)

When we speak about candid photography, we mean images that are more honest and closer to real life. This can be an image of ordinary people pursuing their daily routine or photographs of personalities shining through. When you want your audience to relate to your projects, brand or product, opt for candid shots.

Don’t forget trendy Pantone colors! See our collection of images in trendy Pantone colors to help you in your search for bold images. Our blog has weekly featured collections that can help you further narrow down your search by trends, themes and popular topics.

5. Save yourself time and money - $1 per image

When you have enough things to worry about, having a useful tool at your disposal to look for visuals would be most helpful. Depositphotos offers a new and irresistible Flexible Plan which will help you in your search for high quality (and most importantly) affordable images.

You can download 30 high resolution images for just $29 a month. This plan includes all image sizes and doesn’t have download limitations or expiration dates. If you need more images per month, all additional downloads are just $1 per image.

The great thing about this plan is that it gives you the flexibility and freedom to download as many images as you need without having to worry about plan limitations as with other stock photography websites.

Get 30 Images for $29


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