It can be mightily annoying when the website you want to access is being blocked by a network. It can happen more than you might think and always at the wrong moment. Usually, when you’re bored in a departure lounge and want to stream your favorite series on Netflix.

Of course, up then arrives a pop-up claiming this content is blocked in your region. This is known as geo-blocking and is one major factor in why you would most certainly want and need a VPN.

vpn explained

However, there are plenty of reasons to have one, allowing you access to all blocked content, no matter what the reason, while also keeping you anonymous. You can get some pretty good VPN services on Windows, you just need to search for them.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a common way of upping your internet security. What it is is basically a secure and private network that allows you to bypass network blockages by keeping you anonymous.

That’s because if you’re connected to a VPN you’re on your own private network and, while you can still access the network you’re on, whether that be school, work or in a public building, you can also browse completely privately and access the likes of Netflix and BBC iPlayer. One of the most popular VPN for mobile devices is NordVPN. Download it and enjoy your favorite stream anywhere any time.

Why use a VPN?

A VPN keeps things secure and your connection cannot be accessed or intercepted by anyone else. This makes it much harder to be compromised and accessed by hackers or even your internet service provider.

They’re most commonly used when away from home and users wish to get around geo-blocking. For example, Netflix will only have the license to show certain shows in certain countries. So, say your favorite drama was only available on US Netflix, if you were in Spain trying to watch it, the show would be blocked from viewing.

A VPN however will allow you to customize your location to use services that would otherwise be blocked. It can be a real lifesaver when you’re stuck in a hotel with very little to do.

How do I get a VPN?

They’re really easy to come by too. There are dozens of great VPNs out there and it’s well worth checking out a few review sites to find the right one for you. A popular VPN is NordVPN, which does all that’s been discussed above and allows you to change your location in 61 different countries. You can pick them up relatively cheaply, with some of the best European VPN networks not only allowing you to access blocked sites, but keeping you even more secure online.

It’s well worth considering, particularly if you’re about to go travelling as you’ll open up everything you possibly need. After all, nobody wants to watch the Thai version of Desperate Housewives because you can’t get Netflix working.


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