Content remains the core of successful digital campaigns over the years. You might think that writing engaging content is an activity of the past, but in reality, contents are highly ranked in the search engine even today. An effective and engaging content improves your SEO. SEO is not just about rankings and traffic it’s all about writing optimized content to grab the reader’s attention. If there is no quality content, you will not see any improvement. Even if it does by chance, it will serve no purpose. To please your readers, here are 5 content writings tips for better SEO ranking.

content writing tips for better seo ranking

Illustration created by Ioanna Aravani for Befoolish

Do Not Write For Search Engines

Never focus on using keywords which the search engine suggests. Because it makes you a robot. As you start writing your content, make sure that your writing for your fellow mates and not aliens or Robots. Many people adopt this technique to boost website ranking. On the contrary, they forget the harm that brings to their website rather than the benefits.

Well Researched Content

Do detailed research and start writing the content. It gives you a feel of originality. A content that is well researched and informative will make the readers take some action like calling the customer or filling out a form. Also, it would make them come back to your site. Same way search engine also loves researched content. There are high chances of getting ranked in top search results.

Editing Your Content

Editing is an essential factor. Reach out to a professional content writer and get your content edited. Also, double check your content before you upload them to a website or in any forum or before hitting the publish button. Double checking will help you to find your own mistakes and avoid them in the future. One such action will prove to your readers that your content is trustworthy and educates people in some way.


Support Your Content With Images

The digital platforms are changed. Long gone are the lengthy and tiresome contents, replacing and sharpening on images. The same is adapted in websites too. Too much of text is not going to attract the potential customers. Support your content with quality and related images. Also, make sure that you gather images that are SEO optimized to secure the ranking of your website.

Creative Headlines And Highlights

Catchy headlines and creative texts will make the readers go through your website without a second thought. Make sure that your message is easily communicable even if the readers skim through your site. This would further lead them in reading the entire content or article. So your content must have a proper heading, sub-heading, bullet points, and highlights. One such content can easily drive more traffic where you can convert them into sales. Also, you can gain unpaid referrals with loyal content.

To stay ahead of the competition, adopt these few content writing tips. These few tricks will prove you helpful. Stay alive and write relevant content for both your readers and other professionals.


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