Whether you work with design or just love snapping pictures, sketching and sharing life’s beautiful moments through your phone, you are most likely using apps. There are so many apps meant to help you keep your creativity going using your smartphone. Using inspiring apps, you can increase your creativity by using the tools that make it easier to take pictures, make movies or just find out what the colors are.

Here are 5 beautiful apps that you should check out and perhaps download to your phone. Some are free and some are available at a minor fee.

1. Game apps

Yes, games can also be a treat for people who love design. Playful colors and happy animations can get your creative juices flowing. Download a cool puzzle game to your phone and suck up the magic!

game mobile development design

Credit: Tower defence: Outpost by Mike | Creative Mints

2. Instagram apps

If you are not using Instagram yet, you should try it. Show your family what you are doing in pictures. Over 500 million people use Instagram. There are special Instagram apps like Layout where you can make collages out of your photos. Combine many pictures into one that you share with your followers. If you renovate your home for example, you can use the Layout app to show before and after pictures.

Another Instagram app for design lovers is Boomerang. Use it to shoot 10 photos at once. This can be used privately or for marketing purposes. You get fun visuals that are very creative and interesting. Boomerang can be used from within the Instagram app.

3. Make sketches on your phone

You can make sketches on your phone. The Adobe Illustrator app is free and with it you can draw intuitively using the touch controls. If you have worked with Adobe Ideas, you will recognize the tools at your disposal with this app. Another fine drawing app is Adobe Photoshop Sketch. This is also free and comes with the power of the painting engine of Photoshop. You can blend and get the texture you are looking for without touching paper.

sketch mobile app phone

Create a sketch on the go!

4. Make movies with your phone

You can also make movies for your blog or just for fun. Use an app like Filmic Pro to get better results. If you are using an Apple phone and feel frustrated with the camera, this could be a solution. It is not free but might be worth it if you like to make little movies every now and then.

5. Keep track of the colors

For professionals that need to match colors in photos with real life colors and more, Pantone Studio is a great app. This app works a bit like a swatch book with many thousands of colors from the Pantone Plus series. The app is free and can be used easily with your phone and in sync with the regular design software programs.


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