The importance of books in any age, cannot be underestimated. Books should be read so that we can develop writing skills. Not only reading books helps develop vocabulary and acquaint ourselves with different forms and styles of languages, it also inculcates a power, and sometimes, a desire to write. Writing can be a very profitable activity both in terms of very good utilization of time, and the money one makes through selling one’s own books. Most writers have been very good readers in their past. These days, inexperienced writers can even get some professional help with respect to the process of writing. “custom term paper writing” is an online writing service that can facilitate customers in writing books.

Books should be read because it is very easy and convenient for us to annotate them on the paper, as we read, which is not achievable as conveniently in reading anything online. A month is a sufficiently long period to allocate to the process of reading a book of reasonable volume and taking notes. Most books are quite thick to be read from cover to cover and we need up to a month to read them in a satisfying and enjoying way. So reading a book a month is conveniently practicable with respect to time management.

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Reading books connects us to the past. Books have been the common medium for reading ever since the invention of printing press. Even before that, history of books dates to ancient times when languages and scriptures were preserved by writing them on sheets or leaves, and they were later compiled in the form of books. Reading books, in this way, is an ancient tradition, and needs to be kept alive so that it can be sustained and also passed over to the next generations. Original writings like “Macbeth” even show how language has changed over centuries.

Reading books is healthier compared to reading online. In order to read online, we need battery-operated machines and internet connections. Our time of exposure to potentially harmful waves, rays, and radiations significantly increases when we read anything online. Contrary to that, when we read books, we do not need any technology, and accordingly, the harmful effects of technology are deterred.

The experience of reading a book is very engaging and satisfying. We never run out of battery when we are reading books but we almost always do when we are reading them online. Reading books provides an uninterrupted experience of engagement that is very essential for optimal enjoyment and satisfaction for book lovers. Reading can be considered as a therapeutic activity that has anti-depressing effects on the reader. The fact that reading engages the reader enhances our ability, as readers, to concentrate and focus upon the facts and reflect upon the life. This is a very essential step in the way of improving the quality of life.

Reading books is a very good exercise for building vocabulary. Books are of all kinds of topics, so the variety of dialects and languages we can find in the books is simply huge. Books that are novels are mostly written in the kind of language that is used in the day to day routine in every home. Books like “Harry Potter” are very good sources of learning English used in homes, specially for the non-native learners. On the other hand, there are books of law and statutory regulations that have a very formal style of writing. Reading all these different kinds of books acquaints us with different themes of vocabulary and in turn, our capability of writing is enhanced manifolds.

Books are one of the most fundamental sources of general knowledge. Although there are a variety of mediums from which people gain information in the present age, with social media websites and online channels topping the list, yet there is a flair of distraction and lack of depth of sensitivity about those mediums, which is deterred in the book reading experience. There are many sources of distraction on such online sources of information, ranging from more interesting posts to technological breakdowns. Books, on the contrary, are a more stable and distraction-free source of general knowledge.

Reading books, if developed as a habit, provides us an escape from the evil of being all-time on-screen that most people in the present age are inflicted with. Modern age is an age of technology. With the advent of mobiles, contemporary culture has everybody’s eyes engaged with the screen, and people spend most of their time using mobiles all day long. The habit of reading books provides a healthier alternative to this addiction, and one can engage in a more constructive activity instead of surfing social networking websites.

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Reading books is a very useful exercise that helps build strong memory. In the process of reading a novel, for example, we tend to remember all characters, their names, backgrounds, relationships, and situations, once we are introduced to them, throughout the novel until it finishes and even after that. When we take breaks in between, pausing the story to the point it has progressed at the end of the day, and then resuming from the same point the next day, we tend to recall all characters, situations, and plot. This helps build memory. Every new thing we tend to remember forges new pathways in the brain, thus reinforcing and strengthening the previous ones. Reading books stimulates mind which also slows the progress of, and in some cases, completely prevents the conditions of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Active brain retains its strength and fights the development of these conditions effectively.

Another reason we should read at least one book every month is because this is a very low-cost form of entertainment. We can have access to books on a plethora of subjects all in one place and available at little or no cost at all by getting the membership of a library. The registration and monthly membership fees of public libraries are generally very low, reasonable, and affordable. All we need to do is to plan and manage the process of reading the books with respect to time management so that they can be read and returned to the libraries in the mentioned time without incurring fines.


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