Day to day life doesn’t offer us too many opportunities to be creative. We get up early, rush to work, do chores and go to sleep- and the same thing day in day out really can dull the mind. If you want to live a more creative and exciting life, starting up hobbies is one of the best ways to go about it. Instead of getting home and collapsing on the sofa in front of the tv, you have something fun and productive to do instead. Instead of weekends spent bored and counting down to dreaded Monday morning, you have things to occupy your mind and give you purpose. If you’re looking to start up a new creative hobby, here are a few options to consider!

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Putting pen to paper (or typing words on a screen!) can be incredibly cathartic. If you’re a lover of literature you could start writing a novel, even if it takes you years to do. Keep chipping away at it and making changes and improvements as you go. If you want to write for an audience, you could set up a blog. This allows you to share your knowledge on a subject or just write about what you love. If you hire a company offering search engine marketing you’ll quickly boost your rankings and find it easier to build up a following. You could journal, you could write poetry. Using words every day really helps you to improve your vocabulary and writing style as well as boost your creativity.


Art is fun, relaxing and allows you to express yourself. You could sketch, paint, use charcoal or try a different medium altogether such as printing or spray paint art. Have a look online at different styles and see what catches your eye, from there you could invest in a few basic materials to get you started. Alternatively you could see if there are any nearby classes which will teach you the basics and allow you to experiment with different styles before buying your own materials. But remember, art these days doesn’t need to be putting pen, pencil or paint to paper. There are all kinds of fun, digital things you can do online. You could use Illustrator to create clip art designs, or draw them directly onto your screen using a graphics tablet. You could make posters and prints and play around with fonts and text using Photoshop. Adobe always has trials of these programs so you could have a go and see if it’s something you enjoy before taking the plunge and buying them

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Another artsy hobby but one that has a broad scope of options is crafting. You could work with textiles, knitting, sewing, cross stitching or creating things. You could make baby clothes for premature babies in hospital or for friends and family who have new additions. You could make soft toys, or create cushions and curtains for your home. Speaking of home, you could upcycle furniture- turning old pieces from junkyards into stunning unique items of furniture. You could make your own candles or jewellery, or scour Pinterest for things like holiday crafts and various ideas. It keeps you busy, is fun to do and gives you a great finished product at the end. If you’re making more things than you know what to do with, you could even open an Etsy shop and sell them to make some money.


Unlike baking which has to be very precise to work, cooking gives you far more freedom. Once you understand the general rules such as how to balance flavours and which ingredients work well together, the world is your oyster. Play around with different herbs and spices, try out new cuisines, it allows you to eat well as well as use your brain (and your friends and family are sure to love you for it!)


Learning a musical instrument teaches you discipline, and studies have shown that even as an adult it can boost memory, improve spatial reasoning, language skills and improve your IQ. Learning an instrument actually changes the way your brain works, so even if you haven’t been particularly musical throughout your life it’s a fantastic hobby to pick up during adulthood. Other ways you can get creative with music is by making some yourself. You could write music and song lyrics, or use computer software to put together loops and backing sounds. If you enjoy listening to music you don’t just have to consume it. You could get creative and be a part of making it too. If you make Youtube videos you could make your own music to use in the background, since it can be difficult to find good backing songs that aren’t massively overused. If you play an instrument and want to push out of your comfort zone, why not see if any local bands are looking for members- or put together one yourself? You could play at talent shows or see if any nearby venues would be willing to book you to play.


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