You own a business, then you need to know these tools. They’ll make your company more efficient, faster and better.

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1. Designhill

Designhill is your one stop shop for design and most graphic design jobs. The site can meet your needs in a number of ways through its traditional services, contests and also via its logo design tools.

All sorts of design are covered and you can get everything from logos to t-shirt designs to book covers completed at competitive prices. A great tool and one that changes the scope for those looking for lower priced design services.

The site also has its own logo maker tool – the technology is simple – you input data on the sort of logo you want and the AI will then create exactly that within a very short space of time. This can be modified to fit your needs and you only pay if you decide to keep the logo.

2. Telzio

Telzio powers a cloud phone system for businesses across the globe; thereby, providing an online platform to configure and manage services more easily. Using this platform, you will eliminate the need for hardware and empower users with different collaborative tools.

Telzio also enables companies to integrate their mobile devices, add users on demand, add features, and unify multiple locations under a single system. This system is beneficial for customers because they experience improved call quality, faster and more reliable uptime, as well as informed support.

3. TrendKite

It the majority of cases, public relations can be a powerful tool; however, it can also be difficult to measure. TrendKite offers a suite of functionality providing companies a method of measuring results from PR in comparison to their rivals.

By tracking the traffic driven to your website, along with the mentions of your business in feature and generic pieces, and giving a benchmark of rival companies; TrendKite is able to easily measure the value of public relations. It offers you a sense of whether or not your site is performing to the level required for effective industry growth. TrendKite is beneficial because it makes PR tangible and data-driven; thereby, making the resource easier for both large and small companies to use.

4. Leadcrunch

Locating qualified leads is one of the top problems for at least fifty percent of all B2B companies. However, Leadcrunch offers a resolution to this frustrating problem. By comparing your bad leads with your good leads, Leadcrunch is able to implement artificial intelligence algorithms generating a list of decision-makers at each company similar to your good leads.

It will nurture this list to form either sales-qualified or marketing leads utilizing a marketplace of third-party services. According to statistics, Leadcrunch clients close approximately 300 percent more sales because they focus on closing instead of prospecting.

5. Google Suite

While Google Suite presents with a plethora of options and value for companies, perhaps one of the least recognized options is its ability to offer companies actionable data on their clients. Utilizing a combination of Google Analytics and Google Forms, businesses are now able to fine-tune their marketing techniques alongside the beneficial aspect of consumer persona sculpting.

Moreover, Google Suite's high level of versatility and the totality of its products allow the platform to offer a wider spectrum of applications; as well as a simplification of the combined functionality within the single suite.

6. Noisli

Regardless of whether you need to remove distracting noise, increase your level of focus or relax after a highly stressful work period; Noisli can help! This is not your average white noise generator - Noisli is unique in that you can combine sounds to create the ideal working environment where you can be most productive.

7. 1Password

Are you a person that constantly forgets passwords? Perhaps you are concerned your information is at risk because you constantly opt for repetitive and simple passwords to help remember them? Don't worry, you are not alone. However, there is one way to resolve both of these issues and secure your information.

1Password is a resource that solves both issues by locking all the passwords securely away where no person has access to them other than you. If you need to log into a system or account, all you need to do is remember a single master password and you are in.

8. Scoro

Scoro is an all-in-one management software used by companies. The overall objective is to streamline work and remove routine tasks from your hands, so you will have more time to spend on important tasks like pleasing your clients. Using Scoro, you can track time and manage a team while creating and sending invoices.

9. Trello

One of the most detrimental issues facing small business owners is the overwhelming 'to do' list. Problems with multi-tasking and coordination with teams are also drawbacks, but the 'to do' list often oversteps everything.

Using color-coded boards and an integrated messaging platform, Trello assists operation by improving team collaboration and management of multiple projects.

These tools will help your business grow and also become more efficient - why not share this piece with other business owners and help them too.

10. Slack

How do you communicate with your supercrew? Do you use email? Perhaps you connect on Skype? Now, Slack is here!

Slack is considered the best option for all project collaboration and team interaction. The reason for this is that it is a web-based solution catering to different industries, such as media, retail, technology, research, transport, and financial services. You can also create multiple private channels for various areas in the company including customer service, general announcements, and learning or education. Files like documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs can also be shared easily utilizing a simple 'drag and drop' feature.

Chats are typically restricted to the team as compared to Skype where you have all your contacts sending messages throughout the day, which is quite a distracting feature. However, the chat settings can be altered to disable notifications for specific times of the day. For example, you can remove notifications when you are attending important meetings or have work scheduled.

It is also possible to connect preferred tools and services using Slack, keeping the team coordinated with conversations all in a single place. For example, different apps such as Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Evernote, PayPal, and Dropbox are all integrated via APIs.

Large companies, such as AirBnB, Oracle, and The Los Angeles Times, all utilize Slack for team communication. If it's good enough for these franchises, then it will be good enough for your smaller company.


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