For a long time now ElegantThemes has produced some of the best solutions for web builders and Wordpress users. These top quality themes are available are knock down prices and over 200 thousand customers are already using these products for their personal projects. New users and experienced web developers as well have expressed their support for these high standard themes. One of the packages that are on offer at the moment is a bundle of 87 different themes that you can use on an unlimited number of domains for only $69.


New and impressing themes have always been provided by Elegant Themes. However, their latest release Divi has surpassed the previous products. This new theme, released at the beginning of this year has brought a new way of page building with new elements of style and layout designs that have been very well praised in the Wordpress community.


This exciting new features have made their way into the newest release as well. Divi 2.0 has come to revolutionize the process of page building. Through a wide array of limitless options and total flexibility this theme is like a dream come true for many Wordpress users. The ability to partition the workspace into various parts, all independent of each other, transforms every single project into an unique and special experience. It also comes with a touch of style in the form of some additional navigation concepts, a brand new header design, and more template layouts.

Being accessible on mobile devices makes this theme easy to adapt to any type of website, including e-shops and blogs.


The Giveaway

You could be one of the few users who can enjoy the features of this much anticipated theme and win a one year subscription give-away for Divi 2.0 just by using the script. When the theme will be out we will choose two winners. The theme has the price of $89 for one year subscription, and it comes with all updates included and technical support.


  • dariusz
    Very interesting solution and a step forward.
  • Adam
    Would be great to try it out