Most of us have multiple profiles on different social media platforms, right? Some of us only use email or read the news online. Even phone calls are online today - at least a big part of them is because it’s completely free. Facebook, Skype, Facetime - you name it.

Therefore business is online too. If you run a business and you are completely offline, then believe me - you are invisible. Many new e-commerce websites struggle to find their way to success and climb up in Google’s results and sometimes fail, so what happens if you don’t even have a site?

But if you do - are you keeping up with the latest trends and innovations? Did you know, that online order forms are getting more and more popular in e-commerce than shopping carts ever were? There are a few reasons why.

Online Order Forms Are Perfect For Smaller Ranges Of Products

Online businesses are trendy right now - because you can do it from home. And you can just Google how to do it and even get some inspiring ideas on what your business could be. Anyway, the best idea is to start small at first - you don’t want to wake up tomorrow and be suddenly running a 10k product online store. Well maybe you do, at some point. But not all of a sudden, because you won’t have the resources to manage it all.

online shopping illustration

Online shopping - illustration by Daniel Michniak

For smaller businesses, whatever the path you choose, online forms are perfect for you. All your client needs to do is select a product on your form, and it’s on its way to be delivered.

Creating An Online Form Is Easy

Are you running a small e-store with handmade necklaces? Selling colorful socks with patterns? Are you planning events? You name it - online forms will work wonders for you. And the best thing with online forms - it’s not as tricky and complicated as shopping carts are, and you can do it yourself with zero knowledge in programming.

To quickly create a customizable online order form with no stress, make sure to check out a form builder online, you will love it. If you are in a real hurry - use the templates that are already prepared. Using online forms will save you loads of time and thinking. More to it - the specialists that develop these templates know what’s best for online businesses, so you’ll be sure you are left with the best result possible.

It’s Great For Tickets And Event Planning

design online shop

Online shopping by Julia Artern Design

We’ve mentioned event planning before, but what about tickets to events? Both of these services have something in common: nobody puts an event planning service or tickets in shopping carts. Then why use such a complex solution like a shopping cart when you can find an easier one - like online forms?

Forms will make it even easier than you could imagine. Tickets and event planning might be very customizable. When you buy a ticket, you choose the time, seats, sometimes even the place, and you have your name printed out on it sometimes. Doing customization like that with a shopping cart is hard. Or if you’re an event planner: your potential customers will have many questions to answer, like the date, budget, theme, guest count, and so much more. And a shopping cart isn’t the best solution for a business like this either.

Low Repurchase Rate

Online forms are also the best solution for very specific products and services that do not have a high repurchase rate. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur engineer who has come up with an idea of some robot that is pretty expensive, it’s most likely that the person who has bought it won’t repurchase it. One of the best advantages that shopping carts can offer for their registered users is the possibility to repurchase the items they have bought previously easily. Therefore, if your product or service like wedding planning is most likely to be purchased only once in a lifetime, there is no need to invest in an expensive website and develop a complex shopping cart.


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