If you want to build a beautiful and interactive website, the combination of the latest technology, smart design and ease of use, makes Wix.com a good website builder candidate for you to consider for your upcoming projects.


Wix is probably one of the most user-friendly website builders, and is perfect for many different business owners. They have many templates for Music, Entertainment, Photography, Online Shop, Personal and many more. They display a lot of creativity with their template designs, they're always fresh, modern and you can get all of them for free.

For a free website builder, Wix has a lot to offer. Building your own website from scratch in a good website builder makes good sense, you wind up saving thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on hiring a web designer. Having an interactive website is a definite advantage when it comes to impressing your visitors and keeping them on your website longer. Most website builders only allow you to build static pages, but Wix let you to transition between web pages interactively. This in combination with visually impressive images can really set your website apart from others.


If you take a look at any of the website examples that Wix showcases, you will see that they look very creative and professional. The selection of highly modern layouts and the fancy animations you can add when switching between pages made a particularly good impression. I'm pleasantly surprised that these websites are created by non-professional web designers, that is why Wix is a builder that you may want to test.

Getting Started

The home site looks very inviting, everything has a clean design, you are not going to feel overwhelmed when you arrive on the homepage. Just cick on the “Start Now” button and register. Then you will go on the website templates page, where you will find a template that suits your needs. Everything if very sleek and the page will not confuse you.


Wix offers a wide set of templates to help users customize their site appearance. The templates are grouped by categories: Business and Services, Photography, Entertainment, Music, Estore, Personal and many more. If you like particular templates, click the “View” button. If none of these templates catches your eyes, you can always choose a blank template from the category on top. Be prepared to try several different templates before committing to one, you should note that once you select a template, you could not change your mind, you cannot change it to another template.


Once you pick one of those wonderful templates, you can start to customize your site. Wix is a true drag and drop website builder as you can insert elements pretty much anywhere on the website. Each template has a certain structure and layout, and you can always add and remove pages,customize fonts, styles and layouts; and you can add many features and apps for free. The Editor doesn't take long to master, you can simply do anything you like, the drag-and-drop interface is highly intuitive. You can grab, resize and drop any virtual object there. There is a small learning curve when using this Drag and Drop, but it does not take long to learn to use it.


Wix also offers mobile optimization capabilities allowing site owners to design their pages for mobiles and tablets with just a few clicks. I was completely impressed with the mobile site builder, I thought that their tools are comprehensive and useful.


Thanks to the abundance of third-party extensions offered in the Wix App market, this tool is suitable for building different types of websites, from simple portfolios to e-stores. These Apps extend Wix’s functionality to help you build a better and more complex website.


You can also purchase your domain, go over to the domain name search & domain registration page. If you plan to upgrade your account, packages start at $4.08 a month to $16.17 a month for yearly deals, or $5.95 to $19.90 for monthly deals. With the premium package you get a free domain name of your choice, and the removal of Wix brands ads.


Wix is also ideal for people that are looking to build an online store or website that customers will love. You can create a beautiful ecommerce website that is easy to customize and does not require any coding expertise.


Wix is a well executed website builder with an impeccable reputation, the ease of use, the great selection of templates and their apps store makes this service stay ahead of it's competitors.


  • Brian Rinaldi
    i would like to say i love your site there is so much information and its very helpful, I am currently using Wix and am very happy with the service!
  • Thomas Wrench
    Excellent review. I just built a website with Wix and I am pleased with the results. I found it very easy to use throughout the developmental process and will be using it for my next website clients. Thanks for the info!
  • George
    Good tutorial !