Once upon a time blogging was mainly regarded as a platform for people to share their opinions with worldwide readers. While there was clear potential for anything capable of reaching out to such a huge audience, the unique and highly personal aspect of blog articles restricted this activity. However, blogs have now become far more integral to mass communication; indeed, they are a crucial component. Blogs improve any website’s search engine optimization (SEO); helping with the process of standing out in an overcrowded marketplace, as well as ensuring a strong degree of relevancy and topicality is maintained. So if you want your own blog to achieve a consistent potency, here are 3 of the main things you must focus on.

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Blog content

In the Internet it’s not the streamlined design of your blog pages that will continue drawing viewers to whatever it is you have to discuss, it’s something far simpler: the words themselves. It really is as simple as that. It’s all about the content. This is key to producing a blog that will consistently attract readers to your opinions. If you are writing a blog you need to think within certain parameters. Forget wordy college dissertations or elaborate drafts for magazine articles. People surfing into your blog will simply jump onto the next one if your prose is insufficiently loaded with what can be referred to as clickbait.

Your blogs must have a headline that excites the imagination, and sub-headings and content that flow organically. It must also be broken down into digestible chunks. Brevity is all-important when it comes to this type of writing. The people you should be reaching out to will appreciate strong points that are well argued and economically presented.


Blogging should be seen as a singular but critical part of your overall web presence. If you are running a commercial enterprise that also includes a website, and other social media platforms, always include links back to your blog. Whenever you blog about anything, advertise the fact. Tweet about it. Invite your community of readers to drop by and see what you’re currently writing about. There are whole communities of blogs you can stay engaged with. Sites such as BlogEngage, DoSplash or Inbound.org can help you reach an even bigger audience.

If you have composed a blog you are particularly proud of, it doesn’t have to be something you publish and then quickly forget about. There’s nothing wrong with posting something more than once. You couldn’t possibly have reached every potential viewer the first time round, so fire off another set of bulletins.


A common enough grip among bloggers is not knowing what to actually write about But blogs are all about communicating across the Internet, so think of them in a wider context. A modicum of research via search engines or news sites, or by Twitter’s famous hash tags, will give you a sense of what’s currently occupying the collective imagination. It could be anything – just consider how diverse the net is, with reders clamoring for information about everything from their favorite dating website to gadget reviews. Think of the latest hot topics then put your own spin on them. This latter aspect is decisive. Never just rehash interesting articles: blogs must be about distilling your voice. You won’t build a network of parties who share your posts and contribute to your comments fields if you simply reiterate what someone else has already said. Your readers will be drawn to originality.


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