The world has become a global market. A person residing in the USA can buy products sitting in his own house from the person who is having his or her sop in China. All he needs to do is go online and select the goods he wants to purchase. How many times have we heard this?

Easy to make your business a global business

It becomes a common point of discussion, in fact, the word import and export have become second nature to many businesses. All you need is a website to showcase your business and half of the work is done. Rest is more of marketing and making sure that your product is reaching the customer in time.

small ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce Platform Illustration by Jenson Z.

But how do we make sure that we are having the right type of website to be able to showcase and sell our products?

Options in hand to spread your business

This is where the Bigcommerce website comes into the picture. With the help of Bigcommerce websites, you will be able to have your own online store where you can showcase your products and sell them online too. You will have a virtual store where you can showcase your products to your customers and also update them about the upcoming items.

If you are looking for websites which can also be your sales intelligence tool and can help you optimize your sales by increasing your online presence then the best option is BigCommerce website.

Features provided by BigCommerce

BigCommerce websites are known to be a unique sales intelligence tool because of the following features:

  • themes that are responsive
  • flexibility with product management
  • optimization of the online checkout

What are the various options with BigCommerce?

Let us have a look at various options provided by BigCommerce for you to create your own website.

Storefront Design

The features provided are as follows:

  • Customization of Theme to showcase your product.
  • Customization of Checkout points for providing various payment options.
  • Mobile Optimization so that it is responsive to mobiles starting from homepage to payment or checkout option.
  • Scope of being able to preview the website before publishing it and not having a single minute of downtime of your webpage or shall we say online store.
  • The option of integrating your website built in WordPress and scope of enablement of back-end platform from BigCommerce.

Storefront Design

The features are as follows:

  • Ability to create more than seventy discounts and promotion options.
  • Google cloud platform support for enabling fast speed along with Google AMP and Akara Image Manager also built-in to enhance its features.
  • Scope of using drag and drop facility for customizing the merchandise that you want to showcase and also sell.
  • The option of Digital Wallet provided for the customers to be able to pay online with Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Pay Pal, etc.
  • URLs that are easily customizable and are SEO friendly with out-of-the-box metadata features are provided to help you get more traffic for your online store.
  • Providing Faceted Serch option for easy hassle free search.

Cross-Channel Commerce

The features are as follows:

  • Linking your online store to another popularly used e-commerce website around the globe to increase customers preview and reach.
  • Access to social media websites and linking your online store to these websites to attract more customers through social media website.
  • The sales intelligence tool helps to keep in-store sales updated automatically.
  • Give you the ability to switch between multiple storefronts with a single user.


The features are as follows:

  • Ability to group customers based on various factors like choice, demographics, age, etc.
  • You can also segregate your product further based upon the price list (either from highest to lowest or lowest to highest).
  • Ability to customize your tool to offer selected and approved customers payment by PO through BigCommerce solution tech partners.
  • Increase payment options for your customer from various B2B payment options and choose from.

Final Verdict

These are a few lists of BigCommerce websites which can be used as a sales intelligence tool which helps you to track increase and or decrease of your profit and business. You can choose from these or many more that are provided for the efficiency and effectiveness of your business in this competitive market.


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